Pair of OrbPoi Pro LED contact Poi with Ultra Knob Pro

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Pair of OrbPoi Pro LED contact Poi with Ultra Knob Pro

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OrbPoi Pro was built with contact poi spinners in mind.
This poi set was designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of the most aggressive contact and juggling performance types.
Featuring; 97 mm contact balls, silicone knob grips, and a 3/8 Hybrid Rope that can all be customized to your preference

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  • Soft outer reduces impact from flow lights
  • Very bright Rechargeable LED Chip**
  • Full access to a Spectrum of Colours
  • Perfect for all Skill Levels.
  • Beautiful large Contact Poi balls provide for greater audience visibility.
  • They are designed explicitly for doing Contact Poi.
  • The most loved light Poi to add to your Rave Gear.

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Affordable, feature-rich Contact Poi

Our quality-focused construction features soft contact balls, sturdy nylon rope, ergonomic knob handles, and rechargeable LED chips.
The best part is that it can all be customized to your preference.
The LED Contact Poi set allows you to have equally balanced light-up poi heads perfect for spins, rolls, tosses, and juggling.

About our LED Poi Balls for sale

Ultra Poi’s Orb LED Contact Poi is a unique take on poi ball technology that changes how Flow Arts are performed.
its distinct spherical shape allows performers to roll the LED poi across their bodies, creating more consistent-looking light trails from different angles.
Orbs have been engineered with durability, using a thick rope and soft silicone parts to protect the user.
They also feature micro USB rechargeable batteries to spin all night and Multi-Colour LEDs to customize your light show.
These benefits of the orb poi make it a great starting point for newcomers and an effective creative tool for more advanced flow artists.

Benefits of Orb Poi

If you’re looking to try out flow arts and poi for yourself, there are some standard moves you can learn to create a fantastic light show.
Using Ultra Poi’s Orb LED Contact Poi, you can practice these beginner-level techniques until you are comfortable enough to attempt more advanced tech and contact moves.
With poi, you can use just one arm or your entire body.
It requires excellent coordination and concentration to achieve more advanced moves, so don’t feel discouraged if you can’t perform Air Wraps or Hybrids.
Start with more straightforward actions, like the three-beat weave or butterfly, and work your way up.
A practical method for improving your coordination for poi is to practice spinning the poi on a flat plane and walk around it.
Try to keep the poi straight and locked to that plane as you walk around it.
Think of the plane as your canvas and the Poi as your paintbrush.
Our Poi will help you create uniform light patterns with intention, rather than swinging the poi around randomly.
Using Poi expresses your creativity, just like any other art form.
So don’t feel like you need to perform these techniques precisely as intended.
Practice them until you feel comfortable wielding your poi tools.
Then, go off the beaten path and try creating some moves of your own.
Once you begin to master the fundamentals of Poi, you will start to feel the “Flow,” which is your muscle memory taking over and trick improvisation happening organically.
The most significant advancements for Poi are not technological; they are artistic.

Should I buy Orb LED Contact Poi?

Ultra Poi’s Orb LED Contact Poi is an excellent entry point for newcomers and a unique creative tool for experienced flow artists.
It represents yet another advancement in LED poi technology that will allow users to continue pushing the art form in new directions.
If that interests you, then consider giving orb poi a try.

You just found your new best LED Poi spinning partner!

LED CONTACT POI: Orb Poi w/ UltraKnob Pro got built with contact poi spinners in mind.
This poi set was designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of the most aggressive contact and juggling performance types.
You can customize the 97 mm contact balls, silicone knob grips, and 3/8 rope to your preference.
RECHARGEABLE Poi LED CHIPS: The Dot XL Pro has several advancements from the original Dot XL, including brighter LEDs, a reliable 2 x LiPo battery pack, and more effortless click the button, and a new upgraded user Interface.
Recharges in under 2 hours with secure micro USB and lasts for 6-14 hours of spin time.
FULL SPECTRUM COLOUR RAVE LIGHTS: 12 beautiful and adjustable Colour Modes and 36 amazing Flash Patterns.
You have tons of possibilities to make your light shows unique.
Explore all the variations of our LEDs and customize your set-up to suit your style!
PERFECT FOR ALL LEVELS: Soft and Durable Silicone makes these props great to practice at home.
Whether you are a beginner or expert, you will appreciate the soft impact they have compared to other Poi lights on the market.

Buy LED Poi now!

We have some of the best Visual Poi for sale and couriered to your door.
Our online LED Poi shop uses the latest in encryption and security, plus we do not store any financial information
And remember, If you are not 100% happy with your order, contact us directly so we can help!

Open TabСпецификация
  • 2 x Orb Pro LED Shells,
  • 4 x Dot XL Pro,
  • 2 x Orb Case,
  • 2 x UltraGrip Pro,
  • 2 x Knob Shell,
  • 8 x Feet of Hybrid Rope,
  • 1x S Hook,
  • 2 x Charging Cable, and
  • 1 x Gear Pouch
  • Fully assembled, no setup required

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