Ignis Pixel - Image Stabilization Option
  • Ignis Pixel - Image Stabilization Option
  • Ignis Pixel - Image Stabilization Option
  • Ignis Pixel - Image Stabilization Option

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Ignis Pixel - Image Stabilization Option

Spin slowly, spin quickly – image in the air will stay the same size and at the same position.
This function improves image recognition by the audience.

Available for PRO poi models 144 HD, 200 HD, 256 HD only.
Price is for 1 set (a pair of poi).

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  • Stretching stabilization: Speed changes, an image doesn’t stretch or distort.
  • Position (phase) stabilization: On every turn an image appears in the same place, position remains intact.

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О Ignis Pixel - Image Stabilization Option
We add to your poi movement sensors that allows to recalculate image stretching and position while you play with your poi.

Available for PRO poi models 144 HD, 200 HD, 256 HD only.
Price is for 1 set (a pair of poi).

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    Problem Solved!
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    Great product great price quick delivery
    "I ordered kevlar wick 4 wide to make skid plates for my canoe business. Worked really great. Absorbs resin very well and holds up better than traditional kevlar skid canoe skid plates that you can order online. I repair 40 or more canoes a year and love the ease of this product."
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    Wick ribbon success!
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    Thank you
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    I'm a Fan, of these!
    "I ordered these Small Lotus Fire fans for my partner who has been practicing nonstop with her heavy LED fans. These were a perfect pair for her to practice with while learning new moves and she is very excited to have her first burn in a few weeks. These are sturdy and pretty lightweight. We Definitely will be ordering more in the future."
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    "Being new to contact staff work I can say this is a very easy well balanced staff to use. It quickly becomes an extension of self and it moves effortlessly. Though it may seem a bit expensive the quality and the ease of use and transport is phenomenal. I can take this anywhere and in under fifteen seconds I can have it set up and ready to flow and I can break it down in seconds. This staff will last me a long time and it is easy to get replacement parts if necessary. Absolutely fantastic product and highly recommended if you are on the fence."
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    Sturdy for rough usage
    "I'm elated by just how long they took before a slight fray was visible! Haven't spent a day not in use since getting them in November 2018, with multiple drops, knocks and rough use. I look forward to getting more for double and quad spinning!"
    Sturdy for rough usage
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    my first fire fans
    "thank you so much for offering this product, the 3 wick fans, as well as the option to purchase the KIT. It was a satisfying experience to have a hand in creating my final prop. I followed the instructions provided, got the hang of it, and they turned out great. i am very pleased with my purchase and appreciate your website/service very much!"
    my first fire fans
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    Fantastic Home of Poi Shopping!
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    Customer of 10 years now and I plan on coming back!
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    Awesome fuzzy poi covers
    "quick shipping, great product"
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    Great toy!
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    "Its a great stuff can use upto 2 years the amazing thing is i can get poi parts easily."
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    Great customer service
    "Everything in my order was perfect except the canvas carrying bag was forgotten. I emailed them and right away they shipped one out. Always good service from HoP and durable products"
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