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Hollow 50mm (2inch) Fire Torch with WT4 Counter Weight

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Aluminium counter weighted fire torch.
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  • Used for fire eating and light torch throwing using the counterweighted WT4 knob as a handle or weight for throwing.
  • Can be removed for use without the knob.
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О Hollow 50mm (2inch) Fire Torch with WT4 Counter Weight
The 2inch fire head wick is securely trapped and stitched in place but can be replaced if desired.
Aluminium shaft.
Stitched Kevlar® wick fire-head with no exposed screws.

  • Length: Various Lengths available, most common for use is the 24inch (609.6mm)
  • 254mm of 50mm x 3.2mm wick.
  • Head size: 50mm x 33mm oval.

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8th April, 2020
Excellently made
"These come exactly as expected. They are evenly balanced so that when thrown they rotate around the center of the length."
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