HoP Aero Fire Flag with 400mm Fire Head

HoP Aero Fire Flag with 400mm Fire Head

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Fire pole-flag

Experienced fire users only.
Comes with a Free protective Canvas staff bag.

Ваши преимущества
  • Wave it like a flag, spin it like a (lop-sided) staff, toss it like a baton, or stick it in the ground as a giant fire torch - all new possibilities!
  • Fire leaves a trail like a living flag when waved through the air.
  • Be noticed and make a new statement at your next event.
  • Breaks down to two even pieces for easy storage and travel
  • Made from super strong Aerospace (Al.7075) pole will flex under stress and return back straight far better than other poles.

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About the HoP Aero Fire Flag with 400mm Fire Head
Sturdy but lightweight, anodised black aluminium pole
400mm firehead.
  • 19mm diameter anodised aluminium tube
  • 500mm Holographic Effect Tape
  • total length 1600mm
  • Each Part when taken apart is depending on full length size is:
  • 1600mm = 800mm
  • 1700mm = 850mm
  • 1800mm = 900mm
  • 2x 610mm of 3.2mm by 200mm wide KEVLAR ® wicks make an overall 400mm wide fire head.
  • Comes with Phantom Coupler for use on flag and Lite phantom staffs

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"Если вы по какой-либо причине не полностью удовлетворены качеством наших товаров, верните их нам в течение 30 дней с момента вскрытия упаковки для полного возмещения стоимости товаров."
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Malcolm Crawshay
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Malcolm Crawshay, Managing Director


1st December, 2013
Lit it. Loved it. Named it Ancalagon the Black.
"Very few things look more badass than stepping out into the performance area and lighting up a 16 wick. The heat is intense and the darned thing lasts forever. Took three of us to blow him out in the end. A couple of notes people ought to be aware of: there is no grip on the handle. Easily remedied: I've ordered some badminton tape so I can fashion my own. For staff-spinners considering this item like myself be warned: there is no counter-weight so you'll be holding it VERY close to the wick - your hand will melt and because the pole itself is so long you'll regularly find yourself striking the ground with it by mistake. Basically it can't be spun like a regular staff. Rather it favours large sweeping turns about your person - initially the flame will be large enough to leave an impressive trail and once you adapt to the weight it's fairly simple to figure stuff out. In short fantastic product though it took some getting used to."
Dawson, United Kingdom.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Nov 2013

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