Flow Master - Fire Staff with 150mm wicks

Flow Master - Fire Staff with 150mm wicks

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Flow Master StaffСотрудник по разбивкеПожарный посохСтафф
Our Flow Master is a Multi-purpose Fire Staff, great for technical flow artists, and those who like even bigger flames.
Featuring 150mm wide wicks.
Collapses into three smaller sections for the ultimate in easy transport.
Comes with a Free protective Canvas collapsible fire staff bag.

Ваши преимущества
  • Made from super strong Aerospace Al.7075 pole will flex under stress and return back straight far better than other poles.
  • No exposed metal on the fire twirling heads or ends, which protects your skin from those hot surface metal burns.
  • Big flames and long burn times for that captivating performance.
  • Amaze audiences and wow friends with this stylish HoP juggling fire staff.
  • Easy travel and storage by dismantling down to three main pieces.

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About the Flow Master - Fire Staff with 150mm wicks
Made by the HoP team who have created a superbly comfortable and functional grip with large Kevlar® heads.
The wick is secured by screws so you can change it yourself when required, but we finish with a Kevlar® stitched cover flap of wick over the screws, to give the staff a no exposed metal finish and Kevlar ® covered ends.
Manufactured with a soft padded grip style handle making for an extremely comfortable and durable handle design.
This material has benefits over rubber or leather which can become slippery when fuel or moisture transfer to the handle.
Two piece 20mm diameter aluminium tubing.
Black colour anodised aluminium, with 610mm of 150mm wide Kevlar® wicking on both ends.
Included free: online fire safety guide, fuel information, how to light and extinguish tools, and tips on use.
Free Carry Bag is equipped with an adjustable strap designed for over-the-shoulder carry.
Velcro and clip closures for storing other items too.
Can accommodate all our breakdown 3-piece staffs, fire devil sticks, and Batons.
Has 2 internal storage compartments to separate used wicks from the handles.
  • Diameter: 20mm aluminium pole.
  • Anodised finish.
  • 150mm wide Kevlar® wicks.
  • Handle Length: 600mm
  • Includes two HoP Staff Couplers for use with Collapsible Staff.

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7th October, 2020
HoP does it again!
"Ordered this staff and received it within 2 weeks amazing! The weight is better than any other contact staff I have used and I fell in love within the first 20 minutes of using it."
Odaniel, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Sep 2010

7th October, 2020
beyond stoked
"only took a week to get to vancouver island and the staff is amazing perfect weight and best grip ive had on a staff perfect for contact"
Corey, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Oct 2013

12th June, 2011
Love the staff!
"Ive been spinning poi for a few years now off and on and just decided to pick up a staff. I absolutely love this staff! Has great balance and makes a nice sized flame! Check out my videos on youtube.com username: russellbc123"
Rusty, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since May 2011

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