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tesla1tesla1SILVER Member
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I’ve bought the black cole cord which is great for pod poi. I also bought some swivels and 8 mm rings from HOP. How on earth do you get the two diameters of cord through the ring to hold a swivel ? HELP my hands and brain hurt. Thanks for any techniques

MalcolmMalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
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Push it through with a tiny screw driver. Yes it is a very tight fit so it does not loosen as you spin.

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Kevin WagenerKevin WagenerSILVER Member
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After many hours of frustration, I finally found an easy(ish) way to do this!

First you need to thread the 8mm ring onto the end of the cord. Next thread your handle / swivel / whatever you're trying to attach, onto the cord, taking care that it doesn't slip over and past the ring.

Now for the technical bit...

Gently pull the outer layer of the Colecord back to expose about 1cm (1/2") of the inner strands. As neatly as possible, cut those inner strands away. Now you should be able to pull the outer layer back the other way and this will give you about 1cm of hollow outer layer at the end of the cord. Once you melt the end to stop it fraying, this hollow section is about half the thickness of the full cord and therefore much easier to squeeze back through the ring once you've looped it over your hardware.

Once your hollow section of cord is through, it's very easy to pull it further to get the thicker part through, then it's just a case of trimming the end off and tidying it up.

Come on HOP! Why make things so difficult for your customers to find out? You state on the shop page that you need four of these rings to make Colecord leashes, would it kill you to elaborate a little and explain how they're supposed to be used?

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