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  Posted: I upgraded my Poi a bit and concerned about the strength of the chains and handles. I originally bought the small oval twist chains, then added ball handles w/ no.10 swivels to them, and connected them with a oval quicklink from the swivel to the chain (all HoP gear). then on the Poi end its chain to oval quicklink to no10 swivel to oval quicklink to head.

Started with med cathedrals but now Ive picked up a new pair of heads, essentially 4" moonblazes and they weigh 170 grams each. After playing with them for a bit I started worrying if the new heads would be too much for my chain setup to handle the stress. I looked through the stores info on each piece and couldnt find any weight limits on any of the parts.

Ive only been spinning with fire for two months and havent had any major accidents, and now that the heads Im playing with are twice the size I need to know my chains can handle weight and wont break on me when I burn.

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  Posted:The only thing you have to worry about possibly is eventual stretching apart of the bottom quicklinks. And you can squish them back into place with pliers. I believe the quicklinks stress limit is 330lbs. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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