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the ejc will be in Karlruhe from the 2nd of august to 10th of august 2008.

This year, we want to make the fire-space more comfortable, so we would love to get some sugestions what poiple need.

this is the location:;z=19&om=1
please post your ideas for decorations!

The city of Karlsruhe is concerned about any pollution by kerosene. Clean spinning will be an important topic at the fire-space.


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Posted:and there is an interesting discussion going on at the JugglingDB started by Bluecat... Maybe those involved here and interested in what jugglers have to say about "Fireshows at the EJC" have a look there, to understand the angle - or resentment Firespinners are facing in the Jugglers realm.

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Posted:damm Meg, did you have a crap day when you wrote that post or what?

Obviously your not that informed of the current juggling world, because that official EJC Gala show really was the best of the best (okay, maybe not the hat juggler, though I hear he's a nice guy). It makes the Gala shows from EJC Ireland, Greece, and Slovenia look like pathetic attempts in comparison, and I really feel sorry for the guys who have to organize spains show, who the hell they gonna invite to play for virtually no money? Who the hell would've YOU organized instead?

And yes, the last trick Nata (the antipodal girl) does at the end is stupidly hard. She has a hell of a lot more tricks with it, but it would have meant that her number would be over 11 minutes long. Her 'short' number was already over 7 minutes; maybe it felt so short cause it was so good? Oh yeah, and while her current cigar(thats what they call the stick-like juggling prop) is currently out of carpet her teacher made her learn all the tricks from a heavy wooden block. And yes, she can transfer nearly all her tricks automatically with a proper staff if she wanted to. If you ever managed to get your lazy butt to the Katakombs she could probably show you herself.

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