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Posted: Ok, so heres the situation:

Recently i tought someone i know to spin (from never seeing Poi before to being confident with fwd/rev weave, butterfly variations etc.)

during this time, he was completely sensible and was really enjoying what he was doing.

now the problem came when he realised that he knew enough to "impress" people with fire, and bought some fire heads.

Now he takes his Fire Poi everywhere, gets hammered, spins and then hands them (lit) to drunken non spinners, to laugh at how "crap" they are, as well as spinning out in the street.

And yes people are getting burned, and smacking themselves in the face etc.

Now ive got nothing against anyone spinning fire, or drinking and spinning, but this is just plain dangerous.

the problem is that i feel responsible for this, and dont quite know what to do.

Has anyone else been in similar situations?

any suggestions?

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