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Which different poi have you/do you own?
(in historical order)

glowballz -broke so sent back (were crap)

football socks with tennis balls in

poi poi cobra 2-crap so threw the handles and string away, keeping the tennis balls and tails

Hop rainbow glowballs with nylon cord

Hop green socks with tennis balls, that now have 130gram juggling balls in

Hop monkey fist poi with oval chains and leather handles

2 dead glowsticks and 2 black shoe laces

love them all apart from the glowballz and poi poi 2 that were utter crap

What are yours?

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Next time my other half tuts and rolls his eyes at my newest fire toy, I shall show him this thread. My [rapidly growing] collection seems quite minimal. Although looking back at my first post on this thread, I think it may have doubled, whoops ubbidea

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 Written by: mcp

1 snarf.

As in that strange cat-thing from Thundercats? What can you do with that?

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6 x Rainbow \
1 x Red \
1 x Blue > Globalz
1 x Green /
1 x Yellow /

Poi Poi Tail Poi
Mediocre Fire Poi
Pair of UV (Real) Socks filled with rice
Rainbow sock poi with bouncy balls
10x HOP Socks Various Colours
Pair of UV Hyperloop poi smile
Fire Snakes
Traffic Light Poi
JAC juggling Strobing Colour Glow Poi
HOP Soft Glow Rainbow Balls
Soft Glow rainbow Mood Lights from Maplin
Unwanted Fire Poi from someone who went to Thailand (a bit crap)
20 HOP Battery Glowsticks (ALL Broken)

UV Rubber-coated Staff
5ft Triple-Wick Fire Staff
Friend's Homemade Firestaff
HOP Fire sticks
Matty B/Strugz PLAY Doubles Staff
Homemade Pipe/Glowstick Doubles Pixie Sticks
Dusty ubblove (Homemade)

Red Resin Contact Ball (Lost)
Metallic Purple 100mm Stage Ball (Lost)
2 x 80mm HOP Glow-in-the-Dark Stage Ball
2 x 80mm Metallic Home Furnishing Spheres
1 x 50mm Metallic Home Furnishing Spheres (Lost)

1 x Orange Glowing LunaStick Flowersticks

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Staffs: 1 4ft Fire Staff with 4 inch wicks

1 5ft practice staff (Yellow and Black)

Poi: 1 set of yellow and black sock poi

1 set of oddballs catherdral heads fire poi

1 set of pink spiral poi

1 set of atom glow ball poi

1 set of beamers

1 set of tail poi

1 set of poi poi flags

Other Stuff: Flower Sticks

Fire Devil Sticks

4 juggling balls

Unicycle smile

1 100mm acrylic Contact Ball

1 75mm acrylic Contact Ball

2 75mm glow in the dark contact juggling balls

1 100mm practise contact juggling ball (red)

1 set of astrojax biggrin biggrin

3 henrys juggling clubs.

Thats it I think smile

 Written by: Neon_Shaolin

JAC juggling Strobing Colour Glow Poi

JAC???? I made something biggrin

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 Written by: Durbs

 Written by: mcp

1 snarf.

As in that strange cat-thing from Thundercats? What can you do with that?

it's like a scarf with weighting inside to make it a meteor. I just like that name.

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Hmmn, probably you guys would be the best to ask this question to. Which ones are brighter/better for the stage: HOP's raimbow glowpoi or the oggpoi? I mean for the meantime until the Hyperlights are finished- they seem like they might be worth the wait of holding out on the new Aerotech's.

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 Written by: vivica

hey hi nolly,

i wanna ask you about tha green sock pois glowin... can you upload a video of them or tell me a little about how to use it.. cuz i've just ordered 2days ago and i'm new about these.. biggrin

Sure! Can't really upload a video, but theyre pretty simple to use smile The HOP glow poi are made up of 2 items: the empty sock itself, and the glow balls. There's a slit in the sock so you can take the balls out if needs be.

On the balls themselves there's a small cap which unscrews to show the batteries. when theyre shipped there will be peices of cardboard inbetween the batteries (to stop them going flat in shipping) - so unscrew the caps and take them out. Replace the batteries (facing them downwards as they were packaged) and then replace the cap. To turn on, screw the cap a little bit tighter, and the ball will glow!

The green ones come with Green socks, so you get a really vibrant green glow that shines down the sock a little way too! Awesome around glowsticks etc. The blue ones and white ones come in white socks and look equally cool. The rainbow ones are my faves, though - they come in white socks and the glowballs slowly fade from blue through to red through to green etc etc, making for a really cool display.

Theyre easy to spin - just wrap the poi around your hands (I like to wrap them around once then grip them between my index and middle fingers, so its like holding straps) or if you want, tie a knot in the tail end, for easier gripping. You'll be having fun in notime biggrin

Hope this helps!

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My broom handel practice staff broke, so I made a firestaff, and I just orderd the HOP glowballs for my fire chains.

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