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Posted:I hate these times when travelling goes wrong.
I hate the fact that, at least for the moment, it hangs much heavier than the good times.
And more than anything I hate dealing with a company where the intelligence of the staff collectively will rival that of a goldfish.

Last night I was supposed to fly out of Calgary, back to the UK, with travel company called Canadian Affair. My flight left at 20.10, but on getting to the airport I was really confused as to why I couldnt find the check in desk I needed.
Kim was still with me, so we went and found a guy from My Travel- the airline that Canadian Affair uses. He said I must have got my flight date wrong, because they hadnt had any London flights out of there that day.
I showed him my ticket, and he was quickly as confused as I was.

He called up Canadian Affair, who said that the flight had been changed, and I was supposed to have been on an earlier flight.
The problem with that? They decided not to tell me I was on an earlier flight!

I was told to call C.A. back in 15mins, and they would sort out the problem. I called them back, and was told that it was my fault I didnt know my flight had been changed, and that its my responsibility to find out if the flight Im booked on still actually exists. WHAT THE HELL????

On top of that, they refused to put me on another flight unless I paid for another ticket.

So after screaming a few choice words down the phone at this guy, I grabbed Kim and stormed out of the airport.
Since then, both me and my dad have been on the phone to the C.A. offices in both Vancouver and London, and theyre refusing to put me on a flight unless I pay them again.

As well as all of that, it meant I missed my connecting flight in London to get up to my parents place. That flight was with British Airways, who said its not their problem that Im not in London in time for my flight with them, so my ticket is now void.

Anyone else ever had any problems with airlines / travel companies being ridiculous and unreasonable?
Anyone got any suggestions of what they would do? (Other than sitting back and enjoying a bit more of this gorgeous Canadian sunshine for a while!)
The American influence in me is saying sue their ass- they cant change my flight, not tell me about it, and then leave me stranded in Canada with no money for another ticket!

Right now Im fresh out of ideas, and sick of arguing with stupid people. frown

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Posted:eek man thats harsh, i'd go to CA's office in canada and bi*tch slap some people, get arrested and hopefully get deported, it's one way to get to the UK without paying twice :haha:


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Posted:Have you tried telling them that you have an uncle thats a journalist for a TV complaints show and that he is very interested in talking to someone at the company with a view to having them on the TV show to explain why they feel they can treat customers like this.

I'm sure we can find someone to play the Uncle if they call your bluff. Companies don't like bad press and will try and avoid it like the plague.


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Posted:Sad thing is, I bet in the fine print for your ticket, it'll say that they can change the flight details. That it is your responsibility to confirm your flight details twenty four hours before you expect to fly.

I've been lucky a couple of times to have called ahead, otherwise I'd be in the same situation you're in.

Could be worse, you could be stuck in Moscow in the dead of winter.

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Posted:Yeah, but now I know not to use that company. REALLY bad idea on their part.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Well, after many more phone calls I'm not much further along. frown

My dad called their head office in London, and demanded to speak to the most senior person in charge. If anyone here has ever met an angry little geordie-man, you'll know they're not to be messed with!
They said the best they could offer was to sell me a ticket for $209 to London.

I spoke to the manager of the Vancouver office today, who was quite sympathetic- especially when I was choking back tears and saying "I'm a 26yr old female traveller, and I'm now stranded on my own in a foreign country, with no money and no way to get home, because of a mistake that YOUR company made".

It didn't get me anything but sympathy though, which right now is pretty useless.

I highly advise people NOT to use this company if you're travelling. This is the second time they've messed me around- my last flight back to Gatwick they decided to cancel and send me to Heathrow instead. Not a huge issue, but my next flight left from Gatwick. They tried to tell me I had to pay to get myself to Gatwick, until I argued with them and got them to reimburse me the cost of the shuttle across London.

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Posted:hug I have no adivce, but sucks to be them now being bad mouthed on an international website. I hope is manages to work out for you. kiss

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Posted:To Mand hug hug hugThat really sucks......

To everyone here:
I went to the CA website and found the contact info. The least we can do for Mand is send complaint e-mails to the posted spots below and tell them that because of thier treatment of Mand that we as an international community will not use them and will spread the word about thier shady buisness practices!!!!!!

London office

Glasgow office

Vancouver office

I have already sent my complaints, maybe if enough of us do we can at least prevent this happening to someone in the future or if its done quick enough help Mand get back to where she needs to be. wink

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Posted: Written by: Doc Lightning

Yeah, but now I know not to use that company. REALLY bad idea on their part.

Ditto o.O I'd be as annoyed as hell if that happened to me.

 Written by: Rouge Dragon

hug I have no adivce, but sucks to be them now being bad mouthed on an international website. ...

^ Definately. I'd certainly be wary about them now.

Hope all works out for you. frown hug

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