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Fire Taiger

Fire Taiger


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Posted:exactly as it says, is anyone into rope dart? smile

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Miss Whippy
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Posted:Lots, do a search and theres about 6 Rope Dart threads about. I would do the search for you but its 1 in the morning and im knackered smile

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Posted:Had a go of one, need more practice...

Wanna do a Go-Go Yubari....

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Posted:I got a ropdart ball thats a foot across and bright yellow, Im with you on the gogo idea, id look great witha short skirt swinging a huge ball about....

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Posted:Went to the clapham meet yesterday with my darts.
First time I played with them since Clapham stopped last years and now my shins one big bruise.
Dixie too was hobbling smile

Anyways, some quite dated tutorials of mine can be found here:
Although now thats its getting warmer and sunnier again I might do some new vids and things....

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