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Yes, i know taken at face value its a just a piece of candy coated, manufatured pop rubbish - that they probably didnt even write themselves, but when you actually bother to listen to it and take notice of the lyrics it has got to be one of the most inspiring songs to have been released in a very long time.

i mean, i've spent all my life being dissatisfied with myself, seeing the bad rather than the good - but i heard that song while i was out the other day and as stupid as it sounds it almost reduced me to tears. i stood and thought, really what makes me any more ugly than anybody else and who has the right to call anyone else ugly and make them feel inadequate. looks are skin deep but i guess ultimately beauty runs so much deeper - i found people can be beautiful in so many ways without having super model looks.

as much as the sugababes really arent my thing that song really has made me think so much - and question why i'm always so down on myself.

anyway, sorry to run on but i felt the need to share that with someone/anyone simply because it touched me so much. i hope noone minded.

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Majestik, that's exactly the reason why I can't stand Dance/Trance music biggrin... it doesn't seem to *say* anything to me at all. It's just repetitive stuff with no "Human" element. I being able to sing along to the words.

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There's loads of electronic music with good lyrics in, but it's quite often rapped which can be difficult to listen to. Faithless are awesome, also check out underworld for a similar sound/ different approach.


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