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Posted:I ant to know where everyones inspirations and what are everyones reasons for choosing there hop names.

Mine comes from me thinking (many years ago before I got into the internet) that all domains with a dot come are allways going to be full of americans. Ive been using it for years.

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Posted:Written by: Drudwyn

My name's the name of my furry self, and the picture's a picture of my furry self, drawn by a guy from Canada! Yay for being a weirdo!

you sed it! wieeerdoo! tongue


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Posted:My Name - I used to have keyrings on my bag. One was Boo from Monsters inc. and one was a bunny. i was registering for something a couple of years ago and was looking round the room for insperation for a screen name. I saw my bag and it just, well, came to me. Ive been Boo_bunny ever since.

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