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Stormy, Queen of Vodka

Stormy, Queen of Vodka

The HoP Industrial Rainbow Fairy
Location: Near Portsmouth, UK

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Posted:I'm looking for experienced spinners in the portsmouth area!

Currently, I'm pretty new to spinning. I know a few basic moves but I really would like to meet up with a few others to learn a few new things! I love to spin and I'd love to get a bit better at it!

If you're interested in meeting up please post and I'll get back to you! biggrin

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Lizzy hearts sunshine hoop
Location: midlands!

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Posted:3 posts in a row. this is a lonely lonely thread smile but just incase anyone out there cares!

portsmouth juggling society meets start again as from this sunday 3pm in victoria park. we are primarily a university thing - but we welcome anyone who fancies some company whilst spinning on our sunday meets. if weather is bad we tend not to turn up though -just a warning smile should be a fire spin in the evening. if anyone *unlikely smile* wants more info then pm me and i will get in touch.

x x lizzy

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