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Ok i know there are already a few from Cambridge which i have still yet to meet, but thought i would put this here for any lurkers so that sometime we could all get a really big meet going on.
I know theres some sort of meet on jesus green in Cambridge personaly i hate jesus green its not safe at night but if there were to be loads of people there i might not mind so much smile

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I sometimes come over to Cambridge to see friends. Do you have a regular night you meet on or is it a more haphazard arrange as you go along type thing? If its regular I might show up some day..... who knows!

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Great, it sounds like there's a few poi-ers out there in Cambridge. Has anyone worked out if there's a regular meet yet?

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biggrin yay cambridge people!! I'm free thursdays and most evenings, let me know if there is anything going on and i'll be there!!!

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I'm moving about a bit between cambridge and london at the moment, but if there was a definite time for a meet I could probably make it. I think Beninaspin (I think his hop name is that) and yeahpoi (lurker but I know him) are in cambridge too.

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im in saffron walden just outside of cambridge but know a lot of spinners in my little town that might want to head down to cambs when is there a regular meet and if it is not organised why not start a regular meet like i did with friends in nottingham biggrin

hope to see you all in a spin! stu

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There's already a [Old link] and as that one's newer (yes, it works differently in Meet Others) and longer I'm going to lock this one.

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