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Posted:Please help me with sword. i d a martial art but we dont do loads of sword and i searched around on the net and found one thing. i need help. if anyone has or is making a move list please tell me. helphelphelp

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Posted:All depends on the sword you use as to which style you'd use.

Japanese swords, chinese sabers and chinese swords all have techniques that are exclusive to them.

For example. Chinese sword play is graceful and brisk, it takes more than just a strong arm to be a swordsman. Swords are purely technique.

Sabers on the other hand is all about power. With swords your primairy techniques are thrusting moves and the circular motions are mearly to distract your opponent. Sabers however hack and chop insted of thrusting. I have 3 fire swords that I use regularly simply because none of them are used in the same way.

As per moves, watch some old movies, play soul calibur or something. Maybe even watch some martial arts demonstrations on youtube or something.

Fire performing and martial arts are parallel to each other. I accually learned to spin poi by learning how to use chinese whips and just built from that.


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Posted:It's not just fire performing either. I've seen flair bartenders flourishing bottles in the same way as chinese sabres...

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Posted:@ Havocangel: I do not have any expert skills in swords - and I do agree with much you are suggesting, especially the technique part - but I wouldn't categorize sabers and swords in two very different fields where one is all about technique and the other one all about power.

Circular motions are done in order to defend the opponents attacks (as long as no shield is in use), to gain momentum (force) and maybe even to disarm the opponent (small circular moves, blade against blade).

Personally I would love to blend the various techniques (and would advise everyone to do so) in order to get a large repertoire of moves.

Further I'd suggest to ONLY use swords, sabers or the like, where the edge of the blade is (unsharpened and) exposed. This way the sords can actually "tang" in a showfight, without the protagonists having to fear damage done to the wick. (the sound will be diminished by the wick, however)

I have recently seen a video of Gerome performing a swordfight on Linz' streetperformers festival this year and I was truly devastated how staged and unspectacular his performance with Stephan has come across and blame much on the wick being wrapped all around the blades.

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Posted:just you tube fire sword


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Posted:I know this thread is a little old, but If anyone is interested, I also ran into the problem of finding good sword moves for fire swords. It might not be exactly what you are looking for, but I have started uploading video tutorials for double sword techniques. Theres still plenty of room for others to add to the library as well.

just start lookng here.


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