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Posted: Angelcake Mk2 (my computer) just died as I was about to post on HOP.

Bloth screens went black and nothign responded..

after 3 phonecalls to the boy of small, and lots of fiddling and mixing bits between computers...

I reckon the mother board and/or processor ist kaput.

So im sending them back to Gigabyte and AMD respectivly.

angry ubbcrying

I was goign to write that im not going to be on HOP much...but i would be lying....Im going to use my house mates computer instead until the fixed or new bits arrive back.


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Posted:ew, dead pc frown not nice.
I reme,ber when my HDD died, started ticking then just stopped
Amazing how we get so attached to these boxes of chips and wires isn't it?

Hope you have some joy soon UCoF

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Posted:That sucks! Hope you get it working again soon.

My power supply went out on mine 2months ago...Just got it replaced 3 weeks ago. I've gotten so used to it not working, that now it's working but I'm not on it that much.

Good Luck hug

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Posted:yeh best hurry up jon, and u know u cant stay away from us

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