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TwirlyVicnorthern monkey
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Heyas! If you were there then hey again, if you wernt... WHY THE HELL NOT!

That was so cool, thanks to everyone being really friendly and sweet and for rescueing me from the paparazzi... i was blinded by the flashing!

jacob and sophie were fantastic, i'm sorry but double staff while standing on someones shoulders who was also doing doulbe staff... nearly died! maybe thats an easy move but it looked fantastic!

and i need to be that bendy!!

anyways, just in general, does anyone want to meet up at the end of the month?? seems like loads more poi-ers have popped up recently (but where are my staff friends??)so should be a good crowd.

If you fancy it, my email addy is above so feel free


vic xx

ex-hop-aholic, now inconsistent lurker...

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Location: England

hi vic
I bumped into you there, nice blue glowing staff where and when do you want to meet up in Newcastle i quite fancy learning staff now that my poi is begining to become more fluid, sophie actually asked me how to do a move even though she is loads better than me. Did you make the gig on monday in blackfriers i spotted a couple of spinners there. Also sophie and jacobs website address is if you want to get in touch with them. bye for now

smoking makes you look cool His Majestys personal Elvis

TwirlyVicnorthern monkey
235 posts

cool, thanks for the contact mate. I'm hoping round about the 24/25th this month. Just down jessy dene with who ever fancies it. Have realised after sunday that i SOOO need to improve my style. It was ahrd at the festival cos didnt want to knock anyone out lol!!

ex-hop-aholic, now inconsistent lurker...

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