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Posted:Hi everyone smile

This is my fist post on this board, but i'm reading this board from a long time biggrin

i try to find some info about this in archive, but without result frown

firstly i want to sory smile for my broken english and i hope that anyone understand this biggrin

i have a small question about build fire ropes.
is there any small tutorial how to do this step by step ?

last week i ordered 20ft of 1 inch kevlar rope and i'm waiting now for a parcel smile

for me it was a large expense, so i don't wont to break this frown

Look at this picture (on url) i want to build something like this:
fire rope

smile best regards,
and thx for any help and suggestions smile


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Posted:Relax, your English is very good. smile

Make a hole in the end of the 1 inch rope. Not sure how, maybe a screwdriver or drill.

You can then insert ball chain. Then clamp it. using on of those clamps like on a hose pipe or something.

For weight on the end tie a knot?

I've not done this before so this is only guessing smile

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Posted:Yes, put a little weight on the end with a knot.

You can plait 3 lengths of rope, but that means cutting it. Or you fold a length in half and twist it and it will stay together with a knot at each end. Loop some chain through the knot for the handle.


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Posted:1. make two handles. make them from leather or some other heat proof material.i have had a bad experience with handles from ropes setting on fire

2 get two small peices of piping, copper or aluminium is fine these need to be about 5cm long and just wide enough to fit your rope in

3.. insert one end of the rope into this. insert about 1/2 an inch then smash the pipe peice flat around it with a heavy hammer.

4. you now have the ropes attached to peices of metal. drill two holes in the metal pipe on the end of the rope. attacth your swivel. or bit of chain. or do what i did and just add the handles on top. no safety margin!!!

5. i found that just rope was difficult to get going and went out quickly. so i screwed wick round it( like the rope was a tube from tube poi) and that helped loads.

the only probs i have ever had with ropes is the handles pulling out of the rope. resist the temptation to screw handles on as the screws slowly undo the weave of the rope.

remember to do whippings on the end of the ropes with Kevlar Thread to stop them fraying as they love to fray. and may i reccomed a serious coating of pva glue for all the edges of all the kevlar you ever use. yes put the glue on thick. dip , and burn.
it just helps the wicks last that little bit longer
soak the ropes for ages.days. that stuff takes ages to get going.
i made my fire ropes a month ago and its only just started being enthusiastic now.

ill post a pic as soon as i can hope you can understand my english.

ropes are good fun.

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this one is shorter


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Posted:I agree with Dom; use multiple strands and braid/plait it. I don't enjoy the "fire ropes" because they go out to soon, and the knot is usually insufficient. A round braid of 1/2" or greater rope works well; the flame is nice, and it burns more consistently.

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Posted:Thx to everyone for help smile

soon i'll submit photos of my smile first_fire_ropes smile