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please tell me, I'm gonna perdorm at birthdays with my friends (1 of them is a DJ) and I need some songs.

please give me some good songs weavesmiley

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Wrll since its three in the morning and i have followed this smiley's advice for the past 6 hours beerchug I personally think you can spin to just about any type of music. I preferably spin to primus, oysterhead, the grateful dead, phish, various techno trance and goa type bamds, moe., particle, the new deal, and certain metal songs. I prefer just about any kind of music with alot of speed and emotion changes. I doubt this was much help but i am bored, drunk, and talkative, so who cares. biggrin, ubbloco Happy Spinning

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I'll spin to just about anything, fast or slow its just nice to have a beat to work off of. I've got everything from traditional taiko drum music, to some (not much) techno style. Only thing I find it odd to spin to is country...

Lets see, just to name a few bands..

Dead Can Dance
Coal Chamber
Drowning Pool
Modest Mouse...

blah blah blah the list goes on and on those are just random bands I picked out of my music folder.... dont hate be because of my taste of music *hides*

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Please do a search and you'll find that this topic has been discussed many times before smile

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uh.. anything by DJ Venom.. DJ Micro... some irene... anthony acid's MDMA 3... a local dj called DJ Griff... i also like the odd drum n bass track... other good ones... 666... PPK...Dj tiesto...
hope that helped..

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Try ::::

artist: HIM
track: Right here in my arms

gotta be one of the best tracks to juggle too, prolly the whole album, plus he's a sexy guy too. ubbangel damn it i want his babies.

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allmost any psytrance, 1200 mics are nice...
Nightwish - She is my sin or Wishmaster...

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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peaches**86943thats sooooo not where i parked my car...................
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i find that the best songs to spin to a great songs with awesome lead ups and huge breaks
my personla favourite is 'SILENCE"
I know i know its a tad bit commerical but its an awesome song
i uv poi professioanlly every saturday with another girl and thats both of our fav song
so yeah just songs with awesome leads and breaks are that best
coz when it breaks you can full go hardcore and the crowd goes wild

we cant stop here its bat country!!!!!!!!!!!

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aha another one who spins to His Infernal Majesty.
im a great fan of join me in death. think up an odd move to do to the twinkly piano bits.
me mainly ... manson, spineshank for a workout. nin being very favourite at the mo.
odd stuff like vnv nation.
and if you want a challenge try add n to x or alec empire.
or green velvet. thats some weird stuff

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rhythmic stuff is best i think, anything from a mate on bongos to a 50k breaks and techno soundsystem! thinks with good drops and breakdowns to change the pace are nice. depends what time of day it is and what mood as well. try putting on a whole mix tape of your favourite dance music + seeing where it takes you... biggrin

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totally agree live bongos are fantastic to spin to ubblove brings back fond memories of the sacred stones at glasto- some amazing spinning and awesome bongos ubbcrying


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What's the best music to spin sparkly poi to? wink

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Yes, let's go.
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vain-ego pkBRONZE Member
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whoo im not alone.... ubbloco

man it is awsome unicycling music too, it makes me ride like a loon! but then im on a unicycle in matlock lol thats says a lot around this dump.

originalsmitSILVER Member
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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sparkly poi
i love those sparklers.
just get enough you can do at absolute breakneck speed a few searations weave variations. turnig from up to down while reamaining facing the same way anything you can put loads of force into .
be careful not to get lost. last time i ended up in some bizarre butterfly combo i wasnt aware i knew and had trouble getting out.
i generally spin sparks to something fast and nasty last time it was synthetic by spinshank

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ubblol at how nyc just turned this into a thread with a unique topic

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Nothing cracks me up more than when people totally miss my sarcasm and just join in with a smile.

Dom got it.

And he's all that really matters anyway. ubblove

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AchluophobiaBRONZE Member
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Spin to?
The mad capsule markets
some other dub stuff
and Atari teenage riot
Really anything I like listening to.

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i think that any dark, heavy psytrance (Skazi,Shift,psycotic micro, sun project,....) goes well with spinning.
also i like to spin to some fast punk like against all authority.

i think the music depends on the personal style just as much as the personal style depends on ur taste of music generally.


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RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - BOMBTRACK it is the perfect song, and on the 1...2....3 bit u can get sum nice [censored] in, oh and it has the line, "burn burn yes ur gona burn"

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THE FIRST TRACK OF : Dave Seaman - Renaissance America CD1
the sickest track on earth amazing for glowstringing very hipnotic, sets the mood, has a 30 sec intro at the beginning that i cus into 15 then a crazy slam of the beat to which i crack the glowstix and let the show begin beerchug

it must be green

Tao StarPooh-Bah
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Martyn Bennett (the man's a god...)
infected mushroom
the beatles

a bit of a mix really.

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I enjoy spinning to music with thick percussion. Rusted Root is one of my favorite bands to spin to. Also, being from Nova Scotia, I really like spinning to fiddle tunes. It's all a matter of personal style though.

laZyBRONZE Member
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Most Psy Trance:
Dread Rock
Crystal Method

Limp Bizkit

Hip Hop:
Ugly Duckling
Dj Format
Dj Food

hope that's enough


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CirRusBRONZE Member
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Hmm lemme see, I've takin a liking to all the songs on the Urban Junglist CD. Theres stuff from Aphrodite, Beverly Knight, Dj Phantasy, and a whole bunch more on it.

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i think it has to do with the type of music people like. me for instance like heavy metal and alot of my friends do to. i my self have found an awsome song by slipknot to spin to. its called gently. its heavy but also slow. try it some time.

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stabbing westward - why
chemical brothers - elektrobank
cirrus - boomerang
conjure one - redemption
future sound of london
jason upton

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This is my personal playlist for staff practice
Annie Lennox 1)Love Song for a Vampire 2) Waiting in Vain 3) Stand by your Man 4) No More I Love you 5) Thin Line between Love and Hate 6) Heaven. Israel and New Breed 1) Who is Like the Lord? Kirk Carr 1) We lift our Hands. B-52's 1) Follow your Bliss. *My fave to spin to* Toby Mac 1) Gone. Terri Clark 1) Better things to do 2) Emotional Girl. Dixie Chicks 1) Good-bye Earl. Showbread 1) Mouth like a magazine. Moby 1) Sunday Bloody Sunday Electric Hellfire Mix.

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What about old kind of songs, that people enjoy and will sing along to?

Instead of psytrance and heavy metal?

Something like 'feeling hot hot hot' but not that. An classic song that people like.

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I remember when I saw Ash Circle, they played Staring at the Sun by the Offspring and when Loki got into the rope torch, they had Sandstorm by Darude playing... those are just songs that I like and have seen people perform to.

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meh... I spin to anything with a good steddy beat! pefuribly Some psytrance or house

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I think it's important to be something you like, preferbly something you know well so you can plan moves ahead. I love spinning to zero 7 at the moment, nice and chilled

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