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Posted:This may sound daft, and the answer is probably buried here somewhere, but how do I get all the residue and soot off my poi?

Hope you're all good,

it's not that i mean to set things on fire...

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Posted:Can't say I have ever worried too much about my fire gear looking like it has been lit on fire a bunch of times, but...

Try wiping them down with a soft, moist cloth. Its ok to use water on them, as long as they dry completely before you try to soak them in fuel again. Other than that... YOU PLAY WITH FIRE! Aren't we supposed to LIKE the soot and black stuff? Learn to embrace the blackness, and to cherish the smell of white gas in the morning.

good luck!

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Posted:If I remember correctly, not too long ago we had an issue with the cross-continential-relay reguarding this issue.

As far as as know, once you have soaked your poi in fuel, there is nothing that you can do to take the smell of fuel completely out.

I would not be worried about soot and stuff like that, unless you want to fly with you poi, or mail them.

As far as prolonging the life of your poi - do a search, and you will find more on the topic.

later - Smilee


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