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Posted:ne1 ne good, want some tips if poss...

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Posted:What stage are you at? i.e. can you get the thing started at all?

If not it's best to start by kneeling and tapping it from one handstick to the other.

When it lands on the handstick don't tap it straight back but hold and control it for a while- then tap across to the other hand stick and hold and control.

Beginners tend to tap it in an uncontrolled fashion and the devil stick tends to be mainly vertical- it's better to have it at least 45 degrees on one side and then travelling to at least 45 degrees on the other.

All this applies when you get it in the air as well, the devil stick should have a fair bit of travel rather than being mainly vertical; you should have the feeling of catching and holding on the handsticks, as opposed to hitting it from one to the other.

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Posted:I find the best way to learn is by watching and talking with others. This goes for everything, but just this past augest i experianced this in its entirity. I was over in Halifax for the Busker Festival and there was this booth of people from quebec selling Devilsticks and other Juggling Art equipment and i was talking to this one guy about fire devilsticks and i told him i had been doing devilsticks for 10 years and had mastered them And he was doubtful, so he picked up his sticks and showed me some pretty messed up tricks that i hadn't even thought of before. I learned so much from that one guy but the thing is, he learned to.. i showed him a few tricks that he'd never seen before and he got me to teach them to him... It was a great experiance for me. At this point i hadn't even thought that in a mere 3 months i'd pick up Poi and Rope Dart, and later move on to Fire Poi and Rope Torch, i didn't think i'd be Juggling, or doing staff, or lighting my devilsticks on fire with such confidence... I thank that guy for showing me there's more to devilsticks than what i had learned in the last 9 years.. but most of all i gotta thank ivan and rick, those guys introduced me to sooo much stuff at that one show... They're the reason i am where i am today... and honnestly, simply watching rick spin fire that one day changed my life, i have no clue what i'd be doing today if it wasn't for him... Probibly sitting in my room with my hand in my pants dreaming of Neverland or something...

sorry about getting off topic.. Basically look for some videos on devilsticks, talk to people (in person if possible) and share tricks, you can attempt reading text's of tricks but i find these hard to follow sometimes (, and don't limit yourself to Devilsticks... what i've learned in one disapline (only spelt correctly) has helped me in other disapline's

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