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I just wanted to check out if any one has found any suppliers of Kevlar fabric, of width 1 meter or more, from Europe? I you know anything, please let me know.

n hey, enjoy the summer.

polte / finland

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Posted:sorry, i dont know anywhere, but what u wana do with kevlar thats 1m in width ?!!??

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Posted:It depends what you mean by kevlar...Do you mean the light yellow (hay-coloured) kevlar which has cotton wound around each strand, such as the wick sold on this site?

If so, then the company that manufacturers it doesn't make it in sheets, only in rolls. I suggest sewing or wiring it together to make one sheet, but some more info on what you want it for might get some better (and safer) solutions winging your way.

Otherwise you can get pure kevlar in a range of different widths, weaves and designs, however they aren't very absorbent and unless the weave is really tight and small they easily fall apart with addition sewing and crimping to hold it together.

Being from Finland, I'd suggest defining the exact properties you want it for (eg, heat resistance, absorbancy, weave strength <not strand strength - very different measurement> etc etc ).

After that, contact your local Du Pont distributor, as they are the only ones who actually manufacture the kevlar strands.

Hope that helps, but give us some more info and we may bea ble to suggest cheaper alternatives

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