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Posted:Hey, Im going to a party this friday and I was wondering if anyone knew of actual stores (not online stores) that sell high-int or ultra glowsticks. Preferably big chain companies that sell them, not little local stores (that wouldnt help me unless u live in the DC metro area).I would buy them online, but Id have to get my parents to buy them for me and that might take longer than what i need.Thanx in advance, Ill appreciate any help.

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Posted:hey there hawk. if you look up in the phone book some army navy surplus stores or if you know where any are, they tend ot carry them. usually they sell old military stuff you know. or if you look up a scuba diving store or something like that they may sell them. as for big chain stores, they usually only have the regular ones. good luck...

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Posted:Try Spencers if they have them there..------------------ [PLUR]-=Crazy Raver Dude=-





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Posted:i tried Spencers.. to no avail. i'm searching for the same thing, this internet waiting stuff sucks.rex


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Posted:try know it's an online site, but they supposedly get to you in 3 business days. That's not bad at all!------------------"Burning--the process of breaking things down into a simpler form." -Hitokage---FireStorm---(

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Posted:I second the suggestion. Mine arrived within 3 days, they have an overnight shipping option, and they have 15-inch ultras which are badass for parties.------------------"We do not inherit this Earth from our ancestors, but merely borrow it from our children"

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Posted:I tried an army surplus store, spencers (I love that store
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), and a store in my area called Glow, but no of them have it...I guess I'll stick to regular glowsticks for now
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and when I get a chance Ill order a box of ultras online... Ill prolly wait a few days after halloween and get a better deal from clearances


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Posted:On this show we have here called Rove Live, they have a section called "what the" where people send in stupid stuff they have found, and last night there was this glowstick and on the package it listed some of the uses as - niteclubs, pools, espionage, anal investigation.

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