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In the last few weeks, there has been a heap of crew come together to twirl in Broome Western Australia. A funny little town in one of the remotest parts of Oz, set on pristine tropical beaches blessed with monotonously beautiful weather. There are a few locals who twirl, but most of the action has been with the people who come from the south to avoid winter. 3 very good poi twirlers have inspired many others to take up fire and become addicted to the cause. Namely Adam from England Jemma from West Aus and Ryo from Japan. As all 3 of these people have gone, it's up to those left in town to continue, learning off each other and passing on any new tricks. The progression has been staggering, with some learners picking up the weave in a day. Most Broome twirlers live in the Mango Camp Ground of the Roebuck Bay Caravan Park, and new and old twirlers come and go as time goes by. Many people say they've seen twirling before on a beach in Thailand, or in Byron Bay, and they're interested as to where we learned. "Right Here", we say.Anyone interested in having a jam should go to the mcg or just approach anyone they see twirling, be it at the beach in the park, or even in the pub if they let us.

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sounds lovely
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best of luck and may the continuum remember your efforts
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If I'm ever in Broome, I'll be sure to contact you.------------------"she dances in a ring of fire and throws off the challenge with a shrug"

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I'm in Broome now, and have been looking for a while for anyone that spins. Anybody else here have any ideas...

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