Hula-Hoop Wireless Synchronization Unit

Hula-Hoop Wireless Synchronization Unit

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Hula-Hoop Wireless Synchronization Unit

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Synchronize the work of your Ignis props between each other
  • Allows synchronizing your Ignis Hula-Hoop with other Ignis props equipped with Wireless Sync option.
  • Necessary for group work.
  • Useless if the hula-hoop is used solo.

About the Hula-Hoop Wireless Synchronization Unit
Not sold separately.
Buy this option only with Ignis Pixel Hula-Hoop HD.
This is a built-in radio chip that we install when producing the device.
Easy to use: give a command to the device, and all other Ignis props will be launched together by wireless radio control.
This option is useful for sync start with the music if you have 2 sets/units or more.
Keep in mind, this is not a remote control unit.
This is a built-in add-on.
Wireless Synchronization Unit gives no advantages if Ignis Hula-Hoop HD is used solo.
  • Wireless Sync Unit for synchronization of 2 and more Ignis devices with each other.
  • Will be installed into Ignis Pixel products in your shopping cart

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19th October, 2022
Great Balls
"The balls light up by turning dial clockwise. They are great in hand it will take a little while to get used to them. The batteries are inexpensive."
Great Balls
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"Best place to buy fire props"
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