Pro-Tech Monkey Fire Poi XL
  • Pro-Tech Monkey Fire Poi XL
  • Pro-Tech Monkey Fire Poi XL
  • Pro-Tech Monkey Fire Poi XL
  • Pro-Tech Monkey Fire Poi XL
  • Pro-Tech Monkey Fire Poi XL

ファイヤー ポイ, ファイヤー ポイセット

Pair of Pro Technora® Monkey Fist Fire Poi Extra Large

These Monkey Fist knots also known as Gorilla Monkey Fists give a large burning comet effect when spun.
Fire poi heads include our detachable Pro-Tech cords with handles.


USD $ 228.39  /  ペア

  • 長さ合計
  • 長さ合計
  • *上の画像を使用して、理想的なポイの長さを取得してください。 長さの選択に役立つように、S =短い、M =中、L =長いを使用します。 短くすることも、長くすることもできますが、長くすると、移動できる回数が制限される可能性があります。

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  • Ball-bearing swivel for easy hyperloops, fire orbitals, and air wraps.
  • Super soft Technora® rope slides smoothly over your body and provides additional comfort.
  • Durable 1/4 inch (6.4mm) 12 Strand Braided Technora® Rope
  • Create long burn times with large spectacular flames.

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について Pair of Pro Technora® Monkey Fist Fire Poi Extra Large
These simply look great.
Excellent capillary effect for fuel travelling within the rope and to all edges.
Each head comes with a strong stainless steel eyebolt that easily attaches to our range of cords.

With care this fire head can last over 12 months of use .

Comfortable single loop V2 handles.
Sold in pairs (as shown in picture).
Free fire spinning safety guide, fuel information, how to light and extinguish tools, and tips on best fire poi use.
Technora® Rope does have a slight stretch over time, and as these are all hand made, some cords may be slightly over the shown measurement.
  • 140mm diameter monkey fist knots.
  • Total of 10m of 20mm kevlar ® fire rope.
  • Total weight: 1435g.
  • Chain sizes available M = Medium, L = Large
  • Detachable cords for separate storage.
  • 全てのファイアーヘッドのハードウェアは熱耐性のステンレススチールで出来ています。
  • Heavy duty swivels.
  • 全てのファイアーヘッドのハードウェアは熱耐性のステンレススチールで出来ています。
  • Strong 4mm S/S eyebolt.
  • Longer burn times.

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