GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand

GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand

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Flow with the magic of GloFXs BRAND NEW Hypno Levitation Wand!
Use your big shot tricks and sleight of hand to make this wand levitate.
With 27 super-bright LEDs, over 100 color modes, and various, customizable speeds and brightnesses, youre sure to jazz your friends and family!
Get to spinnin, bouncin, perchin, and swirlin with the Hypno Levitation Wand today!

  • Features 27 Super-Bright LEDs visible from Every Angle
  • Multi-Function with 100+ Animated and Solid Color Modes
  • Customizable Speed and Brightness Settings
  • Handy Levi Stick remote control with attachable GloFX Lanyard
  • No more batteries, USB Rechargeable!

About the GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand
The Hypno Levitation Wand includes an easy-to-use remote control.
With this, you can change 100+ color modes, the speeds at which the colors will flash and change, and the brightness.
Not too picky?
Just select the auto mode to cycle through all your options!
The remote is small, portable, and even comes with a GloFX lanyard attached.

The Hypno Levitation Wand uses our best and brightest LEDs, providing ultimate visibility from all sides and angles.
With the LEDs strategically placed in a 13 to 14 alternating pattern, its impossible to miss a second of these mesmerizing light trails, even during the day!

The translucent design allows for the perfect diffusion of light, and the on/off button is low profile to give the led flow wands that sleek, finished look.
Quickly recharge your LED wands with the included micro USB cord!
Each charge will provide 2-3 hours of playtime.

The Hypno Levitation Wand is extremely durable and was stress-tested and perfected!
Feel at ease when doing tricks like bouncing, spinning, and more!
Because of the polycarbonate tubing, this wand is a unique combination of toughness and stability.

**Balance and Control**
Balance is everything, and the Hypno Levitation Wand is made to be as balanced as it possibly could be.
With the handles adjustable strap, rest assured that your levi wand will stay secured to your hand all night long.
Want a little more weight?
Add a washer or two!
Flow freely with the weight that best suits you.

Whether youre a pro or have never even picked up Leviwands or Levisticks, then these are the Levi wands for you!
its size is perfect for the most effortless flow and is short enough to avoid bumps.
  • GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand
  • 628mm 24.75″ Wand Length
  • 19mm 0.75″ Wand Diameter
  • Remote Control with GloFX Lanyard
  • 3 x Washers for Balance and Weight Adjustment
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Guide

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Malcolm Crawshay, Managing Director


20th June, 2020
Overall happy
"For the most part I'm very happy with this wand. However the finger loop was gigantic. I had to buy a different finger loop and change them out. Other than that I'm pretty happy. I'm fairly new to flow and don't know that many tricks but it's a good time. I think the people who watch me like the wand even more than me."
Queenyb, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since May 2020