Dancing with the Fire Staff, Dancing with the Fire Staff

This is a Pay to View digital Staff Training learning video by Srikanta Barefoot.
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An instructional video featuring ex Cirque du Soleil Fire Dancer Srikanta Barefoot. From basic patterns & techniques to intermediate patterns, moves & sequences, Dancing with the Fire Staff is a stand-alone tool for both beginners & experienced fire artists alike.
With 165 minutes of Video!
16 Instructional chapters, 4 choreography segments plus interviews & performances of top fire artists from around the world, Dancing with the Fire Staff is a limitless source for learning and inspiration.

The 29 videos which make up the dvd begin with a FREE PREVIEW!, after which, the viewer is prompted to pay to continue watching. There are two payment options using PAYPAL- viewers can purchase any 1 of the 29 videos for $2, or they can purchase the entire DVD (all 29 videos) for $15.


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