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Joe_HallGOLD Member
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Ashamedly, I let some muggles have a feel of my nice, pristine HoP acrylic contact balls. Inevitably they were dropped and subsequently have acquired several scratches and nicks. I've decided to get a new one for performance only and use my scratched ones for practise, but I'd still like to make them look as good as possible.

Someone recommended using Novus polish for this, but there seems to be several varieties and I wouldn't know which to get. Some help here would be great. Equally, if anyone knows of any other scratch remedies, that would be grand.

astonSILVER Member
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I remember seeing something about toothpaste, probably on here.

Try searching?

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JuggleSeanGOLD Member
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Hello Joe,

Funny I just came across this today. You need the three step system my friend!
(scroll down to "Parts and Supplies" and then "Polish"

I have no experience with this product, but perhaps it will be a solid solution for your balls. I do know that Renegade is a highly reputable company and I am personally planning on using them in the future (for things I cannot get from HoP of course, best prop shop ever!)

Best of luck to you and everyone in the world!