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Posted: I'm trying to learn this darn pivot! I understand how the move is suppose to work and i can almost do it, but when ever it comes to the halo roll part of the move the staff tends to bounce instead of staying in contact. What causes this? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this just part of learning the move, and it will correct itself later? Please help me! Thanks!

PS. I can do a pretty soild halo roll by itself, just not from the pivot.

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Posted:First off, yes, contact can feel bouncey/bumpy while you are learning technique. With practice it smooths out.

It seems that you are having trouble rotating from neck wrap to halo.

Try starting with a halo, rotating 180 degrees, and ending with a neck wrap. This will get you used to pivoting as the staff wraps around you.

Alternatively, if you have a good snes, you could enter the neckwrap from a shoulder wrap, this gives you more time to feel when to turn.

Also are you attempting to do this continuously? If you are, stop, and take it slow. all you are going to do is start the wrap/roll combo, rotate 180 degrees, completing one halo and one neck wrap.

Finally, (and controversially) try not spinning in plane. Try the trick on a 45 degree angle. it should be much easier and smoother. from here you can work towards vertical.

Ultimately it comes down to practice. Get off HOP and go practice.

Hope this helps.


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Posted:also if you get the chance try with a heavier staff. the weight reduces bounce. to be fair it can increase bruises but that will only encourage you more wink doiing halo pivots with a lighter staff will make your technique better but will probably take longer to get smooth.

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