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Posted:I do have severe problems to understand, why someone would get into, or stay in an abusive relationship...

Reading this didn't really make it clear to me, even though I do understand the following:

a) usually an abusive relationship escalates, meaning it didn't start out as such. After someone falls in love with someone, has a relationship - this turns violent after some time for various reasons. Gradually someone slips into that

b) after a partner turns violent in the relationship, it is extremely difficult for the other to break off/ out. Sometimes it's not easy at all to find assistance and help/ understanding from family and friends to get away from the formerly beloveth partner... (even though this to me is almost unimaginable)

c) Especially when children are involved, things get very messy...

c) Fear seems to be a key factor.

Now my question to all of those who have real life, or second hand experience with it AND who would not mind to contribute:

- How can one tell early enough that the relationship is tilting?

- What can one do when facing her/ himself in an abusive relationship?

I would understand if you keep off this topic, but greatly appreciate your input as it might help others to help others - or even themselves...

Thanks hug

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Posted:Hi TomFire,
- this is the updated location of the link you are referring.




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Posted:Also, here's a recently published story about abusive relationships -

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