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Location: Kent

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Posted:Fire spinning competition - open to all spinners and jugglers.

Due to popular demand - New Section: Glow! (non-fire and no insurance needed for this section only)

For more information and how to apply, see:
or email:

FREE to enter and Sponsored by Shepherd Neame Master Brewers

A full evenings entertainment - live band and BBQ from 5pm.

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The Pyro


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Posted:I really enjoyed it despite not winning, as it was different to spinning at gatherings/parties and being hired. Having watched other spinners perform to their best, I realised there was much more to learn! smile

It hasnt put me off the concept of competition at all, its motivated me to improve and take my spinning further: 4 poi!! eek Although, Ive just realised its not as easy as I thought! umm


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