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AdeSILVER Member
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does anyone have a tried and true method for putting the knobs onto the end of home made clubs? I've got a bit of dowel down the middle of the club - but am having trouble deciding which would be the most effective method of attaching the balls on the end. So far I have thought of:

1. attaching ball to dowel with a dowel plug and glue
2. using a sunken screw - but my clubs aren't wide enough to accommodate a screw head I don't think....
3. sanding down some drawer knobs and shoving them up the tube and glueing them in place
4. screwing a screw through the ball into the dowel - but this won't leave me with a nice round finish on the ball, unless I punch in the screw, and putty it up....

has anyone discovered an effective method

TheBovrilMonkeySILVER Member
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My pair of clubs have the knobs attached with glue and a pin.

The Ball has a section of dowel sticking out of it - I'm not sure if it was made like this or glued in, because I don't really want to try taking it off.

The bit of dowel is pushed into the body of the club and glued in, then the whole lot is drilled through and a pin is glued into place running through one side of the club's body, through the glued in bit of handle, then out through the other side of the club body.
The pin's then cut off flush with the club body.

Hmm, that might be a bit hard to follow. If you want, I'll give it another go, with pictures that should show what I'm blathering on about much better than my words can.

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StoneGOLD Member
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Ade, the stem on knob of my MB clubs is glued, but the main support is from a small grub (allen) screw that goes into the aluminium tube club into the wood, similar TheBovrilMonkey’s. The aluminium tube is not very thick but the scerw seems to hold the knob on.

I got a friend who does a bit of wood turning to make me some club knobs. When I get a chance I will fit them into some Al tube and attach wick to the other end. Hope thet helps

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AdeSILVER Member
Are we there yet?
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Location: australia

cheers bovril and stone that helps immensely!! no need for photos bovril - I got the explanation and stone, I wasn't sure if that method would be stable enough - but now I'm convinced - thanks.

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