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Posted:Please tell me someone in the uk has sourced a better fuel than parrifin (slightly less smokey & smelly kero). i cant even find any shellite in this country.
still to call a shell depo and see if they have anything like the SolT in Aus.
any help from anyone much appreciated.

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Posted:Can't really help you there...
ShelSolT is available, but the minimum quantity is a barrel - kinda hard to lug around with you.
Colemans white gas is available in some camping shops, but not that common.
If you try a juggling shop you might be able to find firewater.
I use a purer, less smokey, kind of paraffin than the stuff you get in shops but the guy I get it from lives in Doncaster, a long way from London.

other people may have had more luck than me, but I've looked hard and good fuels do seem much harder to get hold of in this country. So are guns and good porn


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Posted:Ok, well i have to confess to being fairly new to all this, have only been spinning a year and being based in the UK, I am also finding it well hard to get fuels. All i have managed to come up with is White Spirit. But surely there is something that last a wee while longer? As soon as you get into a sequence the bloody things go out???!?!?! So any suggestions.. and what is this mysterious fire water you talk of? Any help is apreciated,,,,,help me help me!!! Cheers gangs xx

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Posted:I started out breathing with parafin but then discovered lamp oil. Its more refined parafin, doesnt taste as harsh and is just as flammable.

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Posted:I'm quite happy with parrafin and u can buy it in 4l bottles and quite cheap as well from Petrol stations like BP!
I use The barbecue firelighter fuel for my fire poi as it lasts longer than parrafin!

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Posted:There is a parafin substiute that doesn't smoke or smell, basically it is highly refined parafin like lamp oil. It is manafactured for parafin cookers or indoor parafin heaters. It comes in a green 5 litre container but Im sorry i cannot remember the name of the product. If you go to any hardware store they will probably be able to find it for you.

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