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If anyone's in that sort of area (Richmond, Windsor, Kurrajong etc)& knows of any semi-regular fire dancing nights - or is interested in one coming to be.. Have recently moved out there & I miss my Wednesday nights at Newtown...

So if there's anyone who knows of any events in the area, or who would be interested if I tried to start one up (probably at Kurrajong or Richmond), please let me know..

Thx, Bear

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Hey there careybear,
There's a beautiful patch of heaven up near your part of town called Navua Reserve, in Grose Wold, (maybe Grose Vale...) which has enormous sentimental value to me. I'd LOVE to twirl there one night although it's a little far from home for me (homebush), so perhaps a one-off or monthly gathering would be a good idea? If u get the chance to check it out, let me know - I'd be most interested!
(downsides to that venue is it's only accessible by car / not near public transport and the reserve gates close at 8pm...not sure how strict they are on letting people in after-hours)
anyhow - keep me posted

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Well, I might go and have a look for it this weekend - sounds nice.

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I don't know if this is still a happening...but I am in the Penrith area and have been searching for what seems like an age to find smeone to play fire with out this way! Let me know if you are still interested :-)

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