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Posted: by Matthew Porter
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Greetings HOP, my name is matt and I am an amateur fire breather. By amateur I mean that I haven't starting using real fuel(I heard paraffin is the best choice) I practice with water an..."
Posted: by Noah Galan
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"im pretty muscular and I cant seem to do the moves taking more flexibility ( waist wraps ) like my arm muscles plus back muscles are in the way it wont go that far. Im wondering if anyo..."
Posted: by ArtworkByAutumn
Last Reply: by MajinFlow
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"What does this mean?"Superrrr techie! Nice work though :)"Like when you use the word "tech" in reference to a poi performance?"
Posted: by comandopear
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"Hi,My Name is Rik Hinton and i have started a fire spinning group in Vanuatu (south Pacific) if your Near or doing an around the world trip, come and stop by! The group do 8 shows a wee..."
Posted: by Traceofjoy
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"I am looking to find other people in the Glasgow area who can teach me poi. Or perhaps hang out and share tips skills. I am new to this and want to meet like minded folk near by?"
Posted: by mahhina
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"Hi there! We are couple of advanced spinners searching for buddies in Aberdeen City (or nearby surroundings) who want to practise in the group and want to enjoying fellowship without th..."
Posted: by trimee30
Last Reply: by Trybal Wolf
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"hello allI am new to this I have been spinning for around 7 months and I have my 1st show on in 2 weeks and It is a pirate them and I have no idea for music anyone got some suggestions ..."
Posted: by trimee30
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Just wondering guy n gals does anyone know of any licenses for performing to the public?"
Posted: by flovallen
Last Reply: by H4ck3d
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"Hi guys!I just tried to get on contact and it's down. Does anyone know if that's permanent, if that happens more frequent and for how long it's been down?Thanks, Flo"
Posted: by Dri
Last Reply: by Freddie__Alviola
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"Hello all! I'm writing a magazine article on poi - more specifically fire spinning. I was wondering if anyone had any interesting stories or vox pox that they'd like to post here in ord..."
Posted: by trimee30
Last Reply: by Jackthehufflepuf
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"just want to get some feedback i am doing a fire show in a couple of weeksjust want to know what you guys reckon it is a pirate them arty but not to sure what kind of music to go with i..."
Posted: by Point_Blank
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"Boing boing!We're looking for female performers for an event in Carlisle on the 23rd of November, specifically poi and hula hoop (fire) and also for a spot on stage with a DJ.We're base..."
Posted: by vanelder
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Hi all,Please note that this query is specific to UK.I was donated some fuel for fire breathing, which i have now exhausted and I need some more for a photoshoot I have coming up.. Cou..."
Posted: by Trybal Wolf
Last Reply: by UCOF
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"Hey spinners, I thought it was about time we had a thread made in honor and memory of someone we all loved, respected and looked up to: Burning or Watermelon Dan, which ever you knew hi..."
Posted: by twig
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"HiI haven't posted on here in forever, I have been really neglecting my poi and so I have to start practising stuff all over again, which really sucks because I was terrible to begin w..."
Posted: by DavidAustin
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Looking to buy a Fire poi and there are so many options, knots, etc. Looking for some advice as for the best one to go with! Thank you,D"
Posted: by Yamo
Last Reply: by smileshine
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"Hi everyone, I'm looking into adding some Steel wool to my staff to make it sparkle, but I have no clue how to make it work. I read mention of some sort of "Cage" to make a sp..."
Posted: by RavingLunatic
Last Reply: by JohnsonJohny
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"Are you against the war in afghanistan, and against war in general?Well, I would like your help. please send an email to if you would like to contribute t..."
Posted: by BrandonB
Last Reply: by BrandonB
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"Hi i have just started fire breathing i know its bad for me and all that. i play it safe i use paffine wax witch i think is better i wipe my face after i spit and take a swig i have a f..."
Posted: by ben-ja-men
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"if there was a quarterly spinning magazine full of loads of technical articles pretty pictures up and coming festivals around the globe for the quarter, interviews and all the other thi..."
Posted: by AntraxMiope
Last Reply: by Dazla79
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"Hello.I am interested in buying poi to start training spins.However, I have no idea which is the most recomended. Derek Faughn's Poi (cone poi, I guess?) look very interesting, but stil..."
Posted: by Midkiff
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"what happened to users online?"
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by beaniebob
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"Since spammers like posting so muchFrom now on "new users" must get many posts pre-approved, before they get permission to post without prior approval.CheersMalcolm"
Posted: by Chronos
Last Reply: by gaoyong
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" want to create one of these staffs, but I cannot find it in any shops and I don't know how they actually ma..."
Posted: by Batgirl252
Last Reply: by petersixplus
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"So, I recently started to learn the art of fire-eating (after much reasearch) and today I ate my first flame!!!!!!! Anyway, tomorrow I am getting braces on the top and bottom, and I w..."
Posted: by tracetheface
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"Hi friends--Just for fun, I whipped up a survey pertaining to how members of the flow community think of/develop their skill sets between vertically (a narrow, but deep master of a few ..."
Posted: by Threeworlds
Last Reply: by gaoyong
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"Hey Guys, Just a word out to all the dragon staff twirlers. We have been working hard on a new design for everyone, and have finally got it down. You can check it out and pre-order on o..."
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by Dom
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"I have just updated to latest version of ubbthreads.If you find something not working please advise by posting here the url and error message.I had to manually alter database tables bec..."
Posted: by synndarella
Last Reply: by smileshine
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" I saw this and thought of homeofpoi =)"
Posted: by Justin_Ritchie
Last Reply: by tracetheface
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"i bought the new stealth ninja v3s. i love em. only problem is im used to spinning contact poi and the weight on the ninja just isnt doin it for me. i really dnt wanna just glue a bunch..."
Posted: by Abigail_Griffin
Last Reply: by synndarella
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"Hello!I am writing a research paper regarding modern poi history. I can not seem to find information anywhere about when the first LED poi came into existence. I am looking for the sp..."
Posted: by FireTom
Last Reply: by Mitk
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"I do have severe problems to understand, why someone would get into, or stay in an abusive relationship...Reading this didn't really make it clear to me, even though I do understand th..."
Posted: by kewlnsol
Last Reply: by TinklePants
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"Hi guys, wondered if anyone has settings for camera setups to photograph LED Poi so you get the effect of the tails on them ?tips welcomed"
Posted: by Yell fire!
Last Reply: by micahhussy
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"There's a theory that America's hostility towards Iran has nothing to do with nuclear weapons, but is a result of Iran's plans to set up the first oil market that will trade in Euros in..."
Posted: by Flowartsdotnet
Last Reply: by nupo
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"Hey Guys, is undergoing a massive overhaul and redesign right now, and we are looking for a few people to join our team.If you are serious about wanting to fill a larger rol..."
Posted: by Mr Majestik
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"Do spinning need stars, masteres, idols, icons or legends ?Do spinning need someone to look up to ?Do you have one ?Would you tell ?Would you tell why ?Do you thing the aswer is no ?Can..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"Many people aren't aware that the Christianity has a long tradition of the kind of introspective spirituality more usually associated with buddhism and eastern religions.Personally I fe..."
Posted: by Ninla
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"Hey there!I'm not an often guest here at this forum, but just I wanted to share my story hoping it might inspire someone and to thank this site and the people here So, everything starte..."
Posted: by Pizzapoi
Last Reply: by Pizzapoi
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"I've just started out meteor poi and I need help finding out the name of a trick I saw a performer do. It involved spinning the poi continuously around one hand so it rotated over and u..."
Posted: by Tiz
Last Reply: by nupo
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"Whatever happened to the ninja poi? ive been waiting to buy a pair for a few months and now they are unavailable on the website? will they ever be put back up again? the V3s were very v..."
Posted: by Analemma
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
Views: 25023    Replies: 70
"The topic of Poi becoming mainstream, a form of competition or the connection between Poi and money seems to concern spinners. On the other hand some are dreaming of Poi becoming a reco..."
Posted: by nupo
Last Reply: by Lone Wolf
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"Merry xmass to everybody ! love and light,:R"
Posted: by Floosoushoo
Last Reply: by NewBeats ByDre
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"Sooo, what did everyone make of Live Earth?While we can all appreciate the cause, there's certainly mixed opinions on the hypocrisy of it all, and even the motivations of some of the ev..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by NewBeats ByDre
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"Bex asked me to post here as she heard an evil rumour that McDonalds owned Pret a Manger. For those of you who don't know Pret a Manger - its a UK sandwich chain that sells mediocre foo..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by NewBeats ByDre
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"Election day in the US.7 days.Like it or not.Storm's a comin'. Get ready for a lawsuit filled election won by Mr. Bush. Hey, don't blame me, most of you all aren't voting against him...."
Posted: by Devil - D
Last Reply: by NewBeats ByDre
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"Last weekend I'd a discussion with some friends about anti - subcultures. There are a lot of subcultures who are anti commercial. Our conclusion was: There's a market for every subcultu..."
Posted: by bairie fen
Last Reply: by NewBeats ByDre
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"O.k so here I am sat in the lovely land of OZ, where yesterday they had elections, and needless to say the evil, war mongering, proven liar john howard gets back in ????In the UK Blair ..."
Posted: by ickleMatt
Last Reply: by NewBeats ByDre
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"McDonalds is the largest toy company in the world, selling or giving away more than 1.5 billion toys.McDonalds is now the biggest purchaser of satellite photography; to hunt down school..."
Posted: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Last Reply: by NewBeats ByDre
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"If I was to say "I wrote a poem today", how many people would believe me. Okay, now lets say I entitled that piece "Decmoracy", would U believe me then? No.. didn't think so. But here i..."
Posted: by tyrell_thornton1
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"hello homeofpoi forums...if you are a spinner on youtube who would like to trade knolegde or just check oout someone new... iv got several fire spinning vids a..."
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