80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour
  • 80mm Flex Pendulum PX3 Colour

Poï d'entrainement/démonstration, Tous les Poïs en tissu

Pair of Flex Pendulum Poi with 80mm (3.15 inch) Balls - PX3

An easy to use Poi set for combining contact style moves with your poi routines.
Now with more flex 6mm polyester rope and light handles.

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  • *Utilisez l'image ci-dessus pour obtenir votre longueur Poi idéale. Nous utilisons S = short, M = medium, L = long pour aider à sélectionner length.It peut être plus court, ou vous pouvez l'avoir plus longtemps, mais si plus longtemps, cela peut limiter le nombre les mouvements que vous pourrez faire.

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  • Ce design vous permet de créer des routines airwraps, décrochages, lancés, flottants et pendule pour une sensation unique - maintenant les mouvement de style contact sont faciles à combiner avec les routines de rotations de poi.
  • A comfortable PX3 club knob handle allows easy control and comfort for many routines.
  • Hollow 80mm stage ball creates the right weight for control and maximum effect, and is soft and forgiving on your body.

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A propos Pair of Flex Pendulum Poi with 80mm (3.15 inch) Balls - PX3
Designed for beginners right through to advanced Poi spinners who are wanting to practice basic or advanced routines to enhance any performance.
Stall, float, contact and inspire others with this long lasting durable design.
  • Small: 58cm.
  • Medium: 50cm.
  • Large: 61cm.
  • 2 x 80mm HOP Stage Balls.
  • Cords use 6mm Polyester Rope.
  • 2 x PX3 Knobs.
  • Free Cotton carry bag included.

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     6th April, 2018
Perfect to spin with
"I have several friends who spin and they all seem to enjoy these poi better than their own. I also have spent hours and hours with mine since they arrived in the mail. I highly recommend these."
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     22nd March, 2018
Love them!
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Great set o balls on rope.
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     14th February, 2018
3 is the magic number
"I purchased 3 pairs of these, for myself and a couple friends. I have shorter arms and was expecting mine to be a bit long, so when I got them I just tied the cord on each and they're perfect now. The weight of these is awesome to practice tosses, which I had never experimented with until trying these. I really think these are a great investment, for any level poier!!!"
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     4th December, 2017
Great purchase!
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     30th November, 2017
Best buy I have ever made.
"This,choice of Poi that,was provided, has been the greatest buy I have ever made. Delivered in a good time and to the exact location I required. Thank you for your website and thank you for your service, I look forward to have more purchases through Home of Poi in the near future!@"
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SILVER Member since Nov 2017

     14th June, 2017
"Well balanced, feels good to spin! Love the vibrancy of the two colours together (purple+yellow) :)"
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Awesome Poi!
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A great lightweight set of contact poi!
"I have another heavier pair of contact poi, but these are perfect weight for simple flow play! The short size was great for moves such as the buzzsaw, and the balls are nice and soft...these will be part of my festival/campout kit for a long time. I'd say this is a great set for beginners too!"
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     16th February, 2017
Good quality arrived in a timely manner
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"These are so perfect for enhancing my craft and I have been able to learn all kind of new throws already! Nice study material, ropes easy to personally adjust and add weight into the handles. Decent shipping speed. The cute bag they came in was a nice touch."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Dec 2016

     26th October, 2016
Awesome Poi!
"I felt in love with them when i just got them. Everything was the same as it was written. Poi were in a little cute bag wich was a surprise! My first and not the last purchase. Really like them."
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SILVER Member since Oct 2016

     30th September, 2016
Already learned 2 new tricks!
"I was looking to get some poi for practicing and expanding my comfort with trying new tricks. This set is exactly what I needed! The color is great as well :) More poi for me in the future!!"
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Terped up review
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Successful Practice Poi Purchase!
"I ordered the lime green and purple poi. The colors look great and the quality is nice as well. I was hoping they would be a larger size ball however this was my first time ordering the contact poi and was unsure of the sizing. Overall, I am happy with my purchase."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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     11th August, 2016
New poi
"They were perfect all the way around, excellent price an my favprite colors! Thanks you guy rock!"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jul 2016

     23rd July, 2015
Perfect in every way
"I have tried poi in all sorts of shapes and sizes, fabrics and cords, and this set of poi is the best all around. The materials are durable, AKA you would have to seriously go out of your way to destroy these. Highly recommended for anyone, beginner or expect. "
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since May 2015

     16th July, 2015
"These are outstanding! Great quality exactly like the description. Now if I could just learn some new tricks ;)"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Apr 2015

     22nd January, 2015
Christmas Time
"I ordered these for a friend who hasn't stopped spinning since he go them that has just got into poi! They are perfect. He said that they help him with his stalls and they stay straighter then the pod poi."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Dec 2014