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Rings Of Flow

Nothing better to end a day of jamming from a music festival with your LED hoops vote for me Happy Hooping ^_^
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Rings Of Flow

Other prize winners as picked by HoP are:
1. Illimination
2. Fighting fire with water
3. Cold Balance
No. 1
Aimelafête farfadette
No. 2
Shredding some Dragon Staff
No. 3
balancing for perfect routine
No. 4
Contact bliss
No. 5
Guarding the Night Circus
No. 6
Dragon staff
No. 7
hoop dance
No. 8
sacred circle on my mind
No. 9
Me and my Buugeng Dragon @ O.Z.O.R.A.
No. 10
Sky Contact
No. 11
No. 12
Gravity Contest Entry
No. 13
On the Edge
No. 14
Fighting fire with water
No. 15
Me and my Buugeng Dragon @ O.Z.O.R.A. 2013
No. 16
Contact Meteor
No. 17
dreaming with my phoenix staff
No. 18
The magic of fire
No. 19
me and my phoenix staff
No. 20
Matrix moves
No. 21
Playing with fire
No. 22
my buugeng dragon and i @ ozora
No. 23
Staff Elbow Roll
No. 24
Me and my Phoenix Staff
No. 25
Headstand Hooping
No. 26
Head Spin!!!
No. 27
Rings Of Flow
No. 28
Im a little teacup!
No. 29
Hooping on Marine Parade
No. 30
Sylvi Nooping
No. 31
contact juggling ninja
No. 32
Monte Alban in the head
No. 33
The Fire Dome!
No. 34
No. 35
No. 36
Double Dragon Head-spin
No. 37
Mary Jane at the Moon Rocks
No. 38
Getting acquainted
No. 39
Psychadelic Bubble
No. 40
contact juggling ninja 2
No. 41
No. 42
Rolling Dragon
No. 43
Overhead Dragon Stall
No. 44
Hand on stands
No. 45
Double Sword
No. 46
Wings or Chinese Lion Dance Face?
No. 47
Euphoria Burn
No. 48
Rysha - Fire Performer
No. 49
No. 50
Cold balance
No. 51
Dragon roll.
No. 52
rabbit with crystalball
No. 53
Sunset staffing
No. 54
Me and my dragon
No. 55
Nothing but Practice
No. 56
Su s p i n ded fire
No. 57
Fire in the crowd
No. 58
Ground Contact Staff Play
No. 59
Contact Bubble
No. 60
Dragon Staffing
No. 61
No. 62
No. 63
dragon fire
No. 64
Spiderweb Hoop Staff
No. 65
Cue the applause

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