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SashaFireGypsyBRONZE Member
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Location: New York, USA

There is no flattened outer ring on forged creations fans. Doodle is the design of the grip.

The nautical star is one thing, their fans are not and do not contain a nautical star. But they are a very distinct shape that they created. Come up with your own design.

Coming out to the public saying you won't be using the doodlegrip but instead the nautical fan design that they used to sell is not a great way to redeem yourself, and will still put you in the same situation if you release a fan with a forged creations design.

I can only hope the differences are astronomically different so you don't anger an entire community. And I can only hope that it doesn't use the same grip. Just because there's no patent, doesn't mean it won't have a negative effect on your business.

My recommendation is to hash it out directly with forged creations. Share your current design, come up with a solution together.

SashaFireGypsyBRONZE Member
2 posts
Location: New York, USA

Thanks for your reply.

Your fans are very different. We all know the same basic parts and construction are involved, the important thing is the design itself.

I was honestly worried when you started talking about the nautical design aspect because bringing up two similarities when one wasn't mentioned originally was concerning. They have an older design that looks like a nautical star shape. And your statement was heavily based on fair use reasoning rather than an apology and assurance that your design is not the same. That's all you had to say in the end.

vain-ego pkBRONZE Member
Lambretta Fanatic
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Location: United Kingdom

SFG's comments here are funny.

but wow:
doodlegrip £160 for basic looking construction
HOP £90 for complex construction and look nothing like doodlegrip.

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