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ChristovalgSILVER Member
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Goodmorning everyone!

So i just got a new setup and i have to say im a little disappointed but im sure i'll get over it. I've come here for help! 2 issues

1.the D-ring... WTF!!! it doesn't let my poi hang freely or swing freely, please click the link below for a picture, the circle ring connects to the D-ring which runs accross the top of the crystal case. it lops to one side all the time. My poi almost look like a J, i would think that a simple O ring would be the way to go. Any reason they do this?!?!?

2. The colecord??!?! not so easily adjustable as it seemed? Im nervous and i dont want to screw them up but alas they are wayyy to long. i just wanna make sure i do it right with a good knot and all?

Any feedback would be awesome, cheers-Chris

astonSILVER Member
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Not sure for 1, but I would guess it is to do with that being the easiest way to attach a tether with swivels to the crystal case and still be able to get the lights out with a minimum of fuss. You could try a larger shackle, or something along those lines.

For 2, the knot near the handle looks like it may slide. If so, that will shorten the tether if you slide it towards the swivel. Otherwise, just cut it and reknot it with a better length?

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Scottie~MacKGOLD Member
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I bought my flow lights directly from flow toys
and bought cole cord and single loop handles with the swivels from hop and made my own. That way you get what you want, just buy more cole cord that you think you need wink

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Night CrawlerBRONZE Member
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For no. 1, I would take the oval/ d-ring off and bin it. I would then put the swivles up by the handles.
Next, loop the cole chord through the lights until you get the length you want and tie them up tight. Tie the whole loop, not just one side of the chord to the other, if you know what i mean. Otherwise it will slip down.
You could to it that way as well and when you are happy with the length, just add a spot of superglue to the knot.

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