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Posted:Here's my last video , including club swinging and manipulation.
Some of this is still work in progress so it's not all 100% clean but there's research I wanted to share even if it's not perfect so ... =)

Waiting for comments, critics, anything ^^

enjoy !

- Maelle -

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Posted:ah maelle.. amazing as per usual.. lovely content, lovely location, lovely lady.. i do approve.


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Posted:yummy smile really nice editing and choice of locations too - I liked the 'basketball bouncing' move

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Pretty patterns...

Pretty editing...

Makes me want to pick up clubs again...

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Posted:Poetry in motion, very cool routine, style, grace, technical and inspiring....... Nice one Maelle.....


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Posted:yeah beautiful stuff in many ways. Nice to see combinations of oldskool stuff like snakes with the newer anti-spin and juggly stuff.

most enjoyable clubs video I've watched in ages.


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