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Posted:heheh so i got the title from a previous thread talking about fuels and smells

but here's the thing

when the whole fire thing started for me i always got a little headache from the fumes ... loki and amber were spinning with kerosene .. and are swords were primed in kero...

now i love the smell and no headaches i think i've just gotten used of the the smell , so now when i smell kero lamps or tiki torches with smelly fumes i get a strng desire to light things up ... ( good thing i smoke it's a quick fix )

my eating torches are doused in camp fuel and i have grown very fond of that smell as well ..

it's strange what things quickly become comfort things ...

it's gotten to the point where i hardly notice the smells ...

over heard of a different fire performer,
" he's a nice guy but he smells faintly of kerosene all the time "
i can just hope one day someone says that of me


thats right i look like an albino ape that has had a bad day.. go ahead say something stupid... i dare ya !

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Rick aka Loki
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Posted:funny thing, I tend to get that feeling sometimes just for a second from car exhaust.

I find now that I have this new relationship with fire, I tend to be more inclined toward lighting parts of my body on fire, some kind of drive toward extending or deepening that sensual or visceral part of the relationship. I've never considered myself of pyromaniac, but those are the times when I start to understand it a little.

[Loki edits out a crack about Ivan's smell, for the sake of Rick, whose ass Ivan tends to kick when not on stage]

-Rick aka Loki
oh, man, a signature?... uuh... this is like coming across wet cement... uuh, shoot, I had something clever I was saving... I hope I don't run out of sp




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Posted:Smells are often one of the most powerfull things for stimulating memories and emotions. It really didn't take long for the smell of kerosine to be a thing of total comfort for me. Now that smell reminds me of a state of abject zen.

I think it's nice to have things that will send you into a state of comfort like that. I may be alone in this but kero and beer send me into a state of womb like comfort (so long as I don't have to drive on the beer zen...).

Jesus helps me trick people.




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Posted:quote:Originally posted by SickpuPpy:
If you love something, set it on fire.If you love something, savor its smell.

with all my love,

~ Mikie

molten cheers,

~ FireMike

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Posted:I was saying just the other day that the smell of burned vegetable oil (used for breathing fire in my case) makes me want to burn things.


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