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backward spin right hand go to quadruple spin position just before where you bring your elbow to the front and unwind. At this point you should be holding the staff behind your head with your knuckles pointing forward and palm facing ground.

Stop here. Put your left hand BTB at left hip with plam facing sky. Drop from right hand and catch in left. They should be opposit it each other (your hands).

Know do this put don't stop continuous spin....learn is slowly.

When you come out of this with the left hand I find it easiest to exit pinky leading....(single shotgun if you will).

Once you can do this do it the opposite way with opposite spin flicking from left hand up to right. As you do this try to feel the force. Do try do it, just do you think that's air your breathing etc... wink

Important points....flick it up with your fingers....and catch it with right hand facing palm down....not up... smile

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