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steve db
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steve db

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Posted:hey there,

this is a two-minute glow promo video for “pyroflow” – the performance troupe
that frodo, strugz and i have recently started smile.

the video includes lots of aerotech Poi, staves, balls and clubs. oh, and also “the
glowy bicycle of lesser doom”, which is a distant relative of “the fiery bicycle of
doom” (as seen on col5). ubbrollsmile

to download, visit:
register or login, then click on “downloads” followed by “members’ videos” and
right-click and save the file entitled “pyroflow glow promo” (it’s a .wmv).

eventually it will be on our website along with a higher quality version, but the
website won’t be up for another few weeks.

please tell us what you think.


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