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Posted:When I first found this site and looked at the video clips of the moves, I decided I wasn't going to actually tell anyone that I was good until I could do all of the moves on that page, but in particular the behind the back weave was my holy grail of Poi Moves - I decided that once I could pull it off reliably, I could tell people I was reasonably good without feeling as though I was bragging.

However, since I can almost pull off the BTB weave, and after seeing loads of other people spin who are far, far better spinners than I am, I still don't consider myself good.

Since I know that being considered good is very subjective, I thought I'd ask you lot, how do you define being a good spinner?

Actually, come to think of it, that makes me sound as though I just want to be able to tell people I'm really good at spinning.
That's not really what I mean, I don't really like the idea of telling people how good I am at something or quantifying how good someone is at spinning, but I'm interested in what people have to say, so my question still stands.

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Posted:I don't think that you have to do btb anything to be good. I also don't think you have to know the most technically challenging moves to be good, that only means you have technical skill.

A good spinner is someone who does not shy away from their tools (I have seen fire spinners who look afraid of the fire). A person who can flow, get out of trouble fluidly, move with their tool not against it, is a good spinner to me. Someone who does more than stand in one place and go from one move to 7 year old can do that. I like to see a bond between the fire, the tool and the performer. Then even if you do nothing more than basic moves it still can be quite entrancing to watch.

As for me, I have been doing this a few years now and I still concider myself in the "just learning not quite good yet" category.

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A good spinner is someone who enjoys spinning.
The more they enjoy it the better they are at doing it.

Hardcore Technical sh!t, it don't matter.
rythm - who cares.
hitting themself a lot, so what.
You got a whole bunch of spinners, the one who enjoying it and smiling the most
that one is the best.

For what other reason do we play?

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Fire_Emanator:
A good example is the staff....there are only really a handful of staff moves and none of them are particularly hard, so pretty much everyone you meet who does the staff can do the same thing- A handfull of staff moves!!!!!?



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Posted:Oh Glass! Don't gimme that tree huggin' hippie crap. When I would first start out I'd be giggling and just doing the weave, don't tell me that I was better than I am now. I'd never put myself on the continum of spinners, and certainly think I am great in no particular aspect, but I can certainly recognise talent.

In fact, it's usually those "Hey look at how fast I can do a figure 8 with glowsticks" guys that DO seem to have the most fun. And they suck the biggest of anyone.

And for moving around, I disagree yet again. I'm not sure why the flailing, fearless, off balanced, E-dropping, "look how much fun I'm having", jester of a fool is gettin' so much props.

It degrades the art.

Unless we want to forgo firespinning as art. In which case I will agree. If this is all just for fun and there is no art or craft involved, then yes, whoever is having the most fun is certainly the best.

I'm surprised by those who often argue for the more serious treatment of fire arts suggesting that smiles and booty shakin' are more important than technical skill. Think of some of the spinners that have really impressed you in the past. Was it really the smile and the butt? I believe that some of you would say it was.

But that absolutely degrades the art.

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Posted:There's this 'I never consider myself good' stuff going on. I was chatting about this a bit the other day with a beautiful, beautiful spinner. There's reasons not to brag about being a great spinner, but you should be able to admit to yourself that you're a good spinner, just don't get big headed about it. I consider myself a good spinner (on the good days). There are other spinners who are better technically or stylistically, but being labelled good isn't being forced into a competition. This is something I'm working on as I'm still really bad at recieveing compliments.

A good spinner can be technical, stylistic or both. People having fun is great to watch, but if someone spins cleanly either technically or with great style then that's what I think is a good spinner. When somebody does moves technically very well in an amazing dance, then they are a really good spinner. Did that make sense?

And yes, a "handful of staff moves". Er, this could turn into something similar to the "poi is just one circle" thread. I don't think they have Contact Staff down under. Poor, sheltered people that they are


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Posted:SmallBoy what I meant was. I don’t think being technically good and being rhythmically good, are mutually exclusive. I suppose a good spinner, is a complete spinner

I don’t want to appear argumentative, but I hate paradigms and disagree with this girls spin better than boys stuff. It’s like saying women can’t drive as well as men (did I shoot myself in the foot)

I know I’m a poor shelter guy from down-under, but if you look to dance for an analogy and check out the male dancers in a ballet or gene kelly or the nicholas brothers in old movies, then tell me they ain’t got it. Unfortunately, for a long time at least in the country, real men play footy; if you know what I mean.

Also, I think there is a huge difference b/t being a good spinner and professional performer. Which is another ball game.


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