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Pyro_TechPyro_TechCrazy Nutter stuck in Farmidale...
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So, in one of the craziest 'impulse purchases' I have ever done...I got a puppy yesterday....!

A friend of a friend had to get rid of them, or put them down by the end of this week... So I went to visit them and fell head over heels for one little guy in particular... ubblove

He's a Staffie/Bull mastiff, but I think the mum has a little dingo in her as well....

He's five weeks old today - he is black all over except for white tips on his toes and tail, a little white bib and a crazy white mohawk streak over his head...very trendy..!

So....I need a name for the little bugger...He's the cutest little thing... ubbrollsmile

I'm keen to call him something a little unique... and a name that has a meaning....if that makes sense!

Throw your ideas my way!

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Sakura_MoonSakura_MoonHop's Kitten Jester.
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I still reckon my names were pretty cute! *hint hint*

.:Pink Exocutioner:.

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Written by: Burning Brain

holy crap, yeah, tecno is a baddass name

I think Badass is good too! lol

It's smashing to be back x

FlapjacksSILVER Member
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Written by: dj_retro

when i trained my dogs Murphy and Pepper

Woo! My dog is called Pepper and she's the loveliest smelliest thing ever! *grins*

Rum is a cool name for a dog. I might jsut think that cause the dog was cool though... humm...

smells like burning teenagers..

nearly_all_gonenearly_all_goneSILVER Member
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Call it Snuh! Or Gad!

What a wonderful miracle if only we could look through each other's eyes for an instant.

Burning BrainBurning Braineye shifter
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Written by: andythepoi

I think Badass is good too! lol

omg yes thats your dogs new name...'badass'.

hell yeah. either that or 'John Petrucci' yeeeeaaaaa

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