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I've probably bothered a few of you with this already but


Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st March
Edinburgh, The Bongo Club

Started in 2002 (after years of talking about it), STREETNET is a National network of artists, practitioners, performers, technicians and others interested in CREATING street art in Scotland. This definition also encompasses the allied arts of puppetry, circus, pyrotechnics and community / celebratory arts.

At the moment, the street arts sector is underdeveloped in Scotland (in comparison with the likes of France and Spain, and even England). Scottish artists are largely unacknowledged by promoters both at home and abroad. Yet, there are lots of us out there who are experienced or just plain keen. There is a very real need for us to begin seeking each other out and working together to create greater awareness of our activities and the vibrancy of our sector.

The basic details:
Venue: The Bongo Club, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh
Times: Tuesday 10am-5pm meeting, 5pm-8:30pm dinner and showcase
Wednesday 31st March: 10am-5pm meeting

What’s going on:
Day One
Our Common History - where have we come from
STREETNET - introducing the Scottish Street Artists Network
Skills development 1 – how to meet training needs in Scotland
Skills development 2 – physical workshops including
juggling, performance confidence, capoeira and more

We will finish the day with a free dinner, bar and funky beats from local DJs. If you have something new you’d like to try out in front of a friendly audience, take part in our evening showcase.

Day Two
A Promoter’s Perspective - the best ways to promote your act
Selling Ourselves – discussions on getting booked and making money
Cutting through the red tape - handy hints on surviving bureaucracy including
taxation, setting up a company, contracts, health and safety

The registration fee is £5 for people who work in streets arts as a performer or technician. The fee is to help cover costs and allows you to attend sessions on either or both days.

We can help arrange accommodation in Edinburgh if required. This is chance to meet performers from all over Scotland, learn new skills and have your say about the future of street arts in Scotland.

We want to reach as many people as possible so please spread the word to anyone who could benefit from this event. If you need any further information, please contact the organizers on 0131 556 5644 or at STREETNET works with TePooka, Boilerhouse Theatre, QUMC and many others.

If you want to make a living out of performing come along, you don't have to attend all of it, come along, meet people, play.

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p.s. "whoooooooo arrrrre yoooouuuuuuuuu?" wonderland....

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i'll be there... and teaching two workshops(neither of them spinning ubblol)

tombo can you bring as many CJ balls as you can(pref. not acrylics tho, beginners and all....)

ta hug

(i know who she is ubblol)


Holistic Spinner (I hope)

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errm, no? i have 1 stage ball and 5 aclylics. and no money

sorry ubbcrying

T wave

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