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Mistress AuroraHot Schtuff
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Yesterday I was walking across a cross walk to get to the commuter parking lot so I could get to work on time for my evening shift.

There are signs posted before the crosswalk so motorists know to Stop for Pedestrians. The lights that light up the crosswalk on the road are out for some reason, so now it is even more dangerous when crossing it.

There are two lanes of traffic. Two lanes go East and two go West. I started out in the first lane of the East traffic. I was watching two vehicles to make sure that they would be able to stop for me without hitting me. The didn't even try to slow down. The sped past me just as I was fixing to step across the white lines into the second lane heading East. I stopped to let them go by or I would of gotten hit. The driver and passenger of one vehicle looked over at me as they sped by. I was naturally ticked off so I kindly flipped them off. Which yeah, I really shouldn't have done, but I was pissed at the time.

What really peeved me was whenever I was fixing to cross into the first lane of the Westwardly flowing traffic lanes. A guy in a green SUV was far enough ahead to see me crossing and he had way enough time to stop and let me continue across. He was in the second East traffic lane that I was fixing to leave.I was fixing to be in the opposite traffic lanes that were heading West. I would of been out of his way completely. But instead of slowing down and either stopping OR getting into the first lane of the East flowing traffic so he wouldn't have to stop, he decided to drive into the oncoming traffic lane that I was fixing to step into! mad

I could hear his tires as he slowed down enough not to lose control of his SUV when he was going into the oncoming traffic lane! Hell if I had stretched out my hand NOT EVEN at arms length I could of touched his vehicle!!!

It was very bright and sunny outside and the sun was not in his eyes! He could see me!!! I was wearing a bright purple scrub top too!

Luckily there was no opposing traffic heading West or the guy would of had a head on collision with somebody. There were no other vehicles after his or near him so he could of switched into the very first lane I had stepped onto when I stepped off the curb to go across the road. There were also no other students crossing or even in sight at the time of me crossing the road.

I should of gotten his tag number and reported him to the police, but don't think that would of done much.

So I ask you fellow HoPpers...Why is everybody in such a damn hurry that they can't take time out of their lives to keep from running over a fellow human being? confused


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theres something about driving that changes the whole mentality of a person.. i know many people that are chilled considerate people (including myself) but get them behind the wheel and ..:.*POOF*.:.. out comes the evil twin. a whole 'no man shall pass' attitude arises, for some reason it almost becomes a competition. its very strange! although if i see someone trying to cross the road i slow or stop, sometimes the odd swear word will pass my lips in the process (but thats when people cross in dumb ass places like say..a round-a-bout!! idiots!!)) nehoo at least you weren' hurt and hopefully that person will have learnt to consentrate when driving alittle more


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I always think about carrying a jar of nails with me everywheres I go so when people don't stop when im at a crosswalk I could start to walk out, pretend to be startled by them almost hitting me and drop the jar right under their tires.

It would be great.

DeepSoulSheepGOLD Member
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I used to drive and pedestrians used to get on my tits continually. Whenever I was walking I used to make sure I never made a car slow down when crossing the road.

Then I stopped about 5 years ago I stopped driving. Now I'll intentionally walk out in front of cars even if it pisses them off. I live and work in the city and there is too many cars round.

On european no car day there was more cars on the road than normal in Dublin. confused seriously...

Walking and cycling are the way forward. Cars have the least rights IMHO

My advice, is walk out in front of them. They'll have to slow down and it'll annoy them instead of you being the one annoyed. As long as you believe your doing the right thing any abuse they hurl at you will just fall off.

If not you could keep eggs in your bag, throw, laugh and tell them to prove it. biggrin

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DuncGOLD Member
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I generally cycle everywhere if the journey's less than five miles or so and nearly get knocked off my bike every day cuz some assh0le in a car can't be bothered to wait a few seconds for me to pass a junction and pulls out infront of me, or decides overtaking me to be a few seconds ahead just as we're going through traffic calming and the road has been narrowed to slow the cars down is worth risking nudging me off my bike! mad
I've actually hit a few cars with a very clenched fist because they have gotten so close I've had to take avertive action to avoid being knocked off and the drivers actually seem amazed that I'm a little more than angry at having my life considered so unimportant in comparison to them getting a few seconds ahead on their journey.

grrrrrr..........they make me mad!! spank

When I'm in Bristol (which is at least every other weekend) I'm amazed cuz cars will actually go out of their way and stop to let you cross a road, even when it's two or three lanes wide with a smile and a friendly wave wave and they're very friendly to cyclists aswell.

As for why is everyone in such a hurry?.....cuz they don't give themselves enough time to appreciate life. They live their lives in little caccoons far to often for far to long and stop seeing the rest of the world around them, even when it means the other people sharing their lives in the same spaces.

Such a shame ubbcrying

Let's relight this forum ubblove

RoziSILVER Member
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Maybe it is a Sydney thing, but we don't seem to be that bad about pedastrians. I have never seen that sort of thing happen. Everyone (with the exception of a few lunatics)respects zebra crossings and allows people to cross.

Do you have that road rule/law/principle over there that the pedastrian always has right of way? It means for us that even if a pedastrian steps right out in front of the car, you would be at fault. (Although it would be rare to apply it in that case.)

Then again, our pedastrians do seem to move rather fast. Maybe they are the ones in a hurry.

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...

Mistress AuroraHot Schtuff
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*previously posted by rozi*

Do you have that road rule/law/principle over there that the pedastrian always has right of way? It means for us that even if a pedastrian steps right out in front of the car, you would be at fault.

Yes we do. I don't particularly care for the people who J-walk, because when you are driving it is harder not to spot them walking in front of you. You aren't really expecting a person to be in your path while driving at a high speed.

I'm not so much mad at those first two vehicles not stopping, but more pissed at the guy who drove into the oncoming traffic lane that I was fixing to step into! I so wished a cop had been there.

But the cops are never where you want them at a particular time rolleyes
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